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How To Know What Books You Need For College Classes

When do you find out what textbooks are needed for classes.

I am going to be a freshman in college and i start in 4 weeks,i need to know how to find out what textbooks i need for my classes so i can search around for the cheapest prices.can anyone help me?!!?

Your college bookstore is the best resource to use to collect the information. They are one of only a few select places that you will be able to see by class what books you need without having to wait until the first day of class. The key to saving money is to use your bookstores as a library.Go to the bookstore.See what books you needWrite down the ISBN (you will see two on most books but only one is needed)Go to a price comparison site such as www.campusbooks.comdo a search for the booksbuy the condition you feel most comfortable withIf you are concerned that your books may not arrive in time you can always purchase your books from the bookstore. In many cases they will let you use the book for two weeks before a return is required.But….Make sure you understand the return policy. For instance, in many cases if you buy a new book you can not remove it from the wrapper or they may require an add/drop fourm to process the return.The other option to finding the book information is to contact your professor prior to class. If should be pretty easy to find their email address on the department website. Many professors will post the required reading on a class website too.When contacting the professor be sure to ask them if an older version will work or if all the components of the book are truly required. Sometime you can find the same book without CD or online access code for a lot less.Saving money on textbooks takes a bit of time but it can be really rewarding.

College ID and Books question.

I’m starting classes at the Community College mid August. When do I get my college ID card and how do I know what books I need to get for each of the classes I am enrolled in?Thanks

You have three options:1) Wait for the first day of class and the required books will be listed on the syllabus.2) Go to your campus bookstore. They should have textbooks organized by subject and by class. You can also ask someone that works there where to find your books if you know your which classes you’re taking.3) Visit your campus bookstore’s website. There you can probably find the required books for your classes after searching for your school and finding your class by course number. Free zane books online

What books will i need for college.

Im attending CCAC North Campus starting august 23rd,…but I dont know what books I need. We need to find out ASAP. im taking Pyschology 101, English Comp1, Juvenile Justice/Juvenile diliquences and Intro to criminal justice and criminology. If anyone knows the names of the books I need, id GREATLY appriciate you…

Take your class schedule to your school’s book store and the clerks can explain how you to find your books. I know how that goes starting college can be a little scary. Good luck with school! I hope you do well!

when you get your course schedule for college, how do you find out what books you need to buy.

I know this is a dumb question, but I’d rather look dumb here then show up at the student bookstore with my course schedule and be like I need books for these classes and there like….well which books? Or do they already know for the classes I’m taking. Also there’s nowhere in Delaware to buy used…

At a small college, if you were to go took the bookstore with your class schedule, they would know which books to give you. But if you are talking about a major university, you would find out from your professor. Usually it will be listed in the syllabus , and the professor will most likely mention it the first day of class.If you want to buy the books early, you could e-mail your professor and ask them to tell you what books you will need for their class. If you explain you can get the books at a more affordable price if you buy early, they most likely would tell you. Some professors enjoy being evil, but dealing with them is no different than dealing with human beings in general.

How do I figure out what books I need for my college classes.

I feel really dumb asking this question because my guidance counselor showed me how to determine what books I would need, but I completely forgot how to. I have my schedule and understand the class name and number, but can not for the life of me figure out which books I need! I want to buy my books online to save…

First step is definitely to go to the bookstore at your college. They’ll have all that information for you and they may even have a web page that you can use to look that stuff up at home and they’ll show you all that. Just let them know that you need a little bit of help, and they’ll help you print out a book list and all that.The next thing you’ll want to do is to go around the book store and actually look at the books see what it is. Is it a packaged set? Is it just a textbook. Sometimes books will come in a package with an online access code that you need for the class. Sometimes they’ll come in a package with supplemental materials. Unfortunately sometimes the professor will require you to buy the package and a lot of the time the publisher will put together a special package with it’s own ISBN number for that package that you can’t get anywhere else.So go around and take a look at what you need. If you just need a single textbook with no access codes or anything you’ll be fine to buy it online. But if you need the codes or a special book package you’ll want to buy it in the store. Many times you’ll find the textbook cheaper online but if you end up needing the codes you’ll pay an arm and a leg for them and lose all the money you saved anyways

How do I know what books I need for my classes next year.

I go to CUBoulder and the books for Fall 2012 aren’t listed yet on the bookstore website, so how can I know what books I need?

You may have to wait until a few weeks before school starts to get your books. Most college bookstores will sell the books required by the professor that teaches each class. So which books you have to buy depends on which classes you take and who is teaching the section that you are enrolled in. So you have to go to the bookstore to determine which books are required, or maybe they will put it on the website sometime closer to the start of the fall term. Most college students do not buy books until just before the semester starts.

How do I know what textbooks I need for my college classes.

I’ve already got my schedule ready for the semester. I have Eng 103, Soc 101, ISP 120, and Discover Chicago. However, my schedule doesn’t say what books I actually need for the classes. How do I find out this information?

One of two ways usually:1-take your schedule to the school bookstore and make sure you know the specific section of the course you are in. For example, you may have Eng 103-01 or Soc 101-04. The section indicates what class you are in and what professor is teaching the class. Sometimes each section requires different books so it is very important to know this information. The way it worked in my school was the books at the bookstore were organized by course name and number and then by section, so you’d just find your books that way.2-The other option is to just wait until you get to class and the books you need will be listed on the professor’s course syllabus. From experience, I have noticed that sometimes a professor will list a book as required before you get to class (because they submit their book lists way before the start of the term), however once you get to class they may decide that a certain book is either only for reference or supplemental material or sometimes not needed at all.It is important to note a few things in regards to textbooks:Full title of the book(s)Author and or publisher of the book(s)Year publishedEdition (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc).Another important piece of information you may want to get is the ISBN number. This is a universal coding system for all books (not just college texts). It is usually on a bar code on the back of the book. It will definitely be useful if you want to purchase textbooks either online or at a place other than the college bookstore (which is highly recommended if you want to try to save some money). Also, sometimes campus books stores do run out of textbooks for a specific course and they have to be reordered, so this may be a good time if that happens to look into alternate sources of finding the book. This is especially important in reading intensive courses.

How do you find out what books you’ll need for classes in college.

This probably sounds stupid but I’m kinda confused. They told us at Orientation that it was ok to wait until the first day but I don’t wanna do that. How would we even find out what books we need? There’s no list, no class description, nothing. So yeah, I’m kinda confused.

Well, you could go to your campus bookstore with a copy of your course schedule and ask if they have the books for your courses available yet. You could also email the professors and ask if they have decided on what books will be required for the course and if they could let you know so you can buy them early (trust me, most professors have to fight with students who don’t want to buy the books at all — you’ll be a breath of fresh air to them). Or you can just wait until the first day of class when you get the syllabus, which should have a list of all required course materials within the first couple of pages.

how do i know what book need for college.

if my schedule says this for the class does it say on there somewhere.BUSN 120-010477 Class8:30 am-9:50 amLEDVOS 215

The book you need is not somehow encoded in the information you provided; however, your school’s bookstore probably has a website where you can check to see what books you need for your classes (and then buy them at jacked-up prices – look on Amazon or Chegg or or some other alternative to buying your books from the on-campus store, it’ll save you hundreds).

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40 thoughts on “How To Know What Books You Need For College Classes

  1. [DELDUP()]*This is your FIRST year and you are not taking more Gen. Ed classes? Criminology is usually reserved for 2nd or 3rd year students. You must have been able to bypass the pre-requisites then, hmm?

  2. After you register, your class list will tell you what books you need. It would most likely be right on your new account you get when you enrolled as a student.Also, the professor might of have ordered a pre-packaged booklet to be bought at a lower cost on the college campus. Pre-packaged booklet are copies of pages from a textbook. Professor sometimes use this option in order for students to save monies and for them to only use certain section of the textbook.

  3. When you get your ID card is specific to each school…for example, with mine, I got mine the day I moved in, but they took our pictures a few weeks before. In other schools, you can get them a few days before classes start. You should call/email your school’s admissions office and ask them.

  4. It’s also possible that you may drop the course.

  5. So just wait until classes start, professors don’t expect you to do the readings for the first week of classes anyhow.However, it is a bad idea to buy books before going to the first class in undergraduate school. You may decide not to take a particular class. The instructor may announce that some books may be used in the library and do not need to be purchased.

  6. If you don’t want to buy from the bookstore, copy down the ISBN (this is the most important piece of information, and is a 13-digit number; if you’re online you should copy-paste into a list of books you’re looking for so you are certain you didn’t make any errors) and any of the other information you are provided, like the author’s name (often only the first author will be given) and the textbook name (often only part of the name will be given) and edition. You can plug the ISBN into Google and then click on Shopping, or you can go to your favorite new/used book source (,, etc.).Sometimes the books you need are at the school library and it will be much cheaper for you to go to the library or make copies instead of buying the book.As someone already mentioned, you may also be able to check it online at your bookstore website by using your course codes.There might also be a link on your school’s website that tells you which books are needed for which classes.

  7. Asked to leave the class??? This is college. Professors don’t even care if you come to class or noy

  8. Chances are you probably already have one and you will just need to get yourself a password. Then you can log on and see what books you need to get. Easy as printing it off and going to the bookstore.

  9. I hope you have a great semester.

  10. Hope this helped! 🙂

  11. Good Luck =)

  12. You generally cannot go back there, they do not want people buying books who are not in the class. They will take your schedule and get your books for you, or take you back to get them, they only order the number of books for the classes, this is how they guarantee they’ll have enough. You can also go to the bookstore website if your school has one and fill in your classes, then you can see the list of books.

  13. When you go to the school bookstore, tell them your class and they can look it up in the system. Some schools have the class subject on a paper on the book on the selves.

  14. 2. After you register for class email the professor and ask which books will you need for the semester.Your college book store has that information. Some schools put it online through the book store website, some don’t. Try that first.

  15. If you are in the physical bookstore you may be able to go into the area where the textbooks are and find the books for each class (they’ll be organized by department, so ENG 102 will be next to ENG 013) or you may have to hand your schedule over for a store employee to help you.A book which is used (Only had a few highlighted areas) cost me $40 bucks. Original price? Over $150.3. Ask your professor for the isbn number of your book. They will know what the isbn number is. Each book has a isbn number.

  16. Sellers with lots of feedback are more reliable on average than sellers with very little feedback. Sellers who ship from within the US will usually get books to you faster than sellers who ship from other countries. Sellers who ship from your state or one adjacent to it will often get books to you faster than sellers from the other side of the continent. If you’re using your email address to get Amazon Prime for free, you can get them to sell anything they have, including books they are handling for other sellers, in 2 days — but anything someone else sells you using the Amazon Marketplace may take longer.Okay, I’m not sure how your school does it because every school is different. But I’ll tell you how my school does it.There are hundreds of textbooks for most of those classes. Every professor decides for themselves what book(s) they will require, and that can change from semester to semester. Call the bookstore and ask.

  17. Sometimes teachers will allow you to buy older editions of the textbooks required, which is much cheaper than the newest version.

  18. Well, at the university I went to – Once I registered for courses and I know the professor name including the name of the course with the section number, I can use these information to look up the textbooks through the college bookstore website. I do not buy textbooks at all from the college textbook, but use the site to have an idea of how much the textbook cost and then compare it on sites like I only buy textbooks through the internet once I confirmed with the professor through sending him/her an email.

  19. I recently found this website that lets you look up your classes and teachers and will also tell you what books you will need for the class and where to get it cheap.Lastly, one of the most helpful websites in all of my college years was you already went to your orientation, which it sounds like you did since you know which classes you’re taking, I’d just call the school and see what they say. I’m sure this is no big deal.

  20. Some teachers will decide you don’t need the book at all or that you only need some of the books assigned, not all of them.When you go to Orientation, they give you the ID card. And as for the books you’re going to need. I have to go to my school book store online, put in the class I’m taking, and it has the books I need listed there. However, I will never buy a book from my school’s book store. I go to Amazon! You can get a book for a hefty discount.If you go to the website you’ll click on the “Buy Textbooks” link and choose “Fall 2011.” Then you’ll once again track down each of your classes and click something like “Find textbooks for these classes.”I highly recommend using to rent textbooks instead of buying. I’ve paid $20 to rent books that could have cost me $100.[/DELDUP]You get your schedule and make sure you have both the course number (something like ENG 102) and section number (something like 07) or at least the professor’s name (because not all professors teaching the same class assign the same texts) and you go to the bookstore. You can either go to the bookstore physically or use the website.

  21. It’s a good idea to wait until the first day of class before you buy your book.Go the bookstore and show them your list of classes and they will have a list of require and recomended courses.

  22. To find out what books you need you can take your schedule with you to the library and they will tell you which books you will need or you can email you teachers and ask- that would be a good time to find out if the books are really necessary.

  23. You can actually find this out online!! Look on the school’s website because sometimes it is listed, but if not go to because they run most of the bookstores in colleges in the country. Just enter the state and then the college and it will ask for what semester, what subject, the class number, and your section number! It’s really easy to do…then when you see what books, you can buy them online through like and they’ll be much cheaper because college books can be so expensive!!

  24. The most reliable way to ensure that you’re buying the right book is the ISBN. Sometimes you can get a paperback international edition of a book that you’re told to buy in hardcover. Sometimes you can get a hardback book used for less than the paperback you’ve been told to buy costs. As long as it’s the same author(s), title, and edition, you’ll be fine, even though in both of those cases you’ll be buying a book with a different ISBN. But you’ll need to be careful when buying a book with a different ISBN, because the information at bookselling websites does not always make it clear that Book X isn’t just another format of Book Y, but rather a related book (like problem sets to accompany the text or something). Also, sometimes sellers of used texts list their books in the wrong place, so you order a 5th edition for a really good price and you get a 3rd edition.Contact the bookstore. They will have the information you need. Books for the same class can vary by the instructor. Be sure you have the section you are in. Once you get the books, you can access to find out where online to get the best deal. Good Luck!

  25. Take your schedule to the college book store. Under each book it will tell you what class and section it is for. There will be employees there to help you.

  26. Either contact the professor by emailing them and asking them, or some bookstores for schools are online and you can look it up by your course number, or some school bookstores in person will have a list of the books you need. Otherwise you’ll have to wait until the first day of class to get your syllabus.

  27. Usually the books are arranged by classes in the college bookstore.

  28. I got this from they also have a list of cheap book sitesYour course instructors will provide you with a list of textbooks and required reading as part of the class syllabus on the first day of class.

  29. I just want to reinforce the answer some people have already given.

  30. 1. Try find out what books you need at least a week or two before classes start.You might not even have to buy any textbooks for the course.Usually the course name, # and section are listed on the shelves are the bookstore. This is all info you can get from your schedule. If you’re confused ask a bookstore employee, they’ll help you find what u need, it’s their job.

  31. If you want to buy from the college bookstore, you can. They tend to be about the most expensive way to get books, but on the other hand you can return books to them as long as you keep the receipt and don’t damage the books in any way. I am a big believer in having books on hand before classes begin. If you wait until the first day of classes to get your books, you will pretty much have to buy from the bookstore, or from an online source that guarantees the book will arrive in a certain amount of time. It also means that people who got their books earlier got the best deals before you even started looking.But if you want to find out what books you need before that, contact your guidance counselor and ask them to repeat what they told you.

  32. First week of classes your professor will hand out a syllabus which outlines the course requirements and the texts that you will need for the course. The bookstore also usually labels each course with the require books for that class on the shelves. You can go and buy them early – but I wouldn’t recommend is as sometimes professors change their minds and sometimes they list 5-6 books in which some of them you only need to read a chapter! Which you can easily find the reading online for free.. Also, most universities buy students’ books back at the end of the year and sell the used books at a much lower price at the bookstore. However, these usually go fast, so I would suggest getting to the bookstore as soon as you get your syllabus.Usually you find out on the first day of class — the professor will tell you exactly which books, which edition, you’ll need. It will also be written in the course syllabus the prof will hand out on the first day. The college bookstore should know this ahead of time, but sometimes they continue to carry books that the professor no longer chooses to use and you end up buying things you don’t need — or one professor uses a different book for the same course than another professor wants to use. Be sure you look for the exact edition the prof says, because sometimes the bookstores carry older editions. Sometimes this is adequate, sometimes not.

  33. As for the books, your school’s website may have a page for ordering books/lists of books for specific classes. Again, your school’s admissions office can usually help you with this if you’re lost (I work in the office at school and help students through this all the time). If they don’t have them up on the website, you may have to email your professors to ask them specifically.

  34. I remember my first year of college, i went to the schools bookstore and gave them my class schedule, they pretty much picked out the books for me.

  35. This is pretty universal for most students these days. I suggest calling the number on the Home page of your campus. They can easily help you set up a student account. All you will need is your SSN.

  36. On your first day of class your teacher will give you a list of books you need for their class, if you want them early then go onto your schools website log in and find your books using the code that is listed for the class.

  37. This website will tell you what other students thought of the teacher and the class, whether it was hard or easy, whether the teacher was fair or not, if the books are necessary and even if the teacher is hot.Go to the bookstore, show them your schedule and ask what books you need. Be prepared for textbook sticker shock as they can get pricey. If you can buy used textbooks because they will save you some money.

  38. You can also contact your instructors to find out which ones on the list the bookstore has that you will really need and which ones you might only use a couple of times during the semester.

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