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How Many Golden Books Are There

How many Eye Colors are there.

I’m writing a book but i don’t k.ow how many eyecolors there are. I’m using Hazel…green…light and dark brown over and over again but its getting irritating with all my characters having the same eyes. HELP!!!

Usual line up from lightest to darkest...Blue (light/dark)Grey/Gray (light/dark)Blue-Green (light/dark)Light Hazel (a mix of blue/grey/light green and possibly a little amber)Green (light/dark)Hazel (a mix of green/amber/light brown)Amber (a light honey colour)Brown (light brown/dark brown)So 13 basic colours to choose from————–OtherRed (Occurs two ways, the first is through albinism where the eye isn’t pigmented at all and you can see the blood vessels behind the iris. The other way is to possess a very rich dark brown, it isn’t actually red but it often appears a dark mahogany/cherry red.)Black (Again not really a colour in itself but occurs two ways, the first is to have such dark grey/gray or brown eyes that you can’t determine the exact pigment colour and the other is to have Mydriasis. Usually the latter is caused by a disease, drug or trauma but some people genuinely have it from birth)Violet (There is no such thing as violet eyes but eyes can appear violet. Light blue or grey/gray eyes with sparse pigmentation allow some of the red blood vessels to show from behind the eyes *like albinism* but the pigment in the iris dilutes the effect so instead of red you see a mix. In blue eyes it tends to appear a more violet shade and in grey eyes it tends to appear more purple. A famous example of this was Elizabeth Taylor who had light blue eyes.Heterochromia (This is when two or more distinct colours occur in the eye, you can either have partial heterochromia which might, for example, exist as a gold ring in the centre of a blue eye. Or you can get total heterochromia where there are two completely different coloured eyes.Spotted or segmented (Ocular Nevi) – A lot of people have flecks of brown or golden in their eyes or even an entire block of brown in an otherwise solid-coloured eye. In the same way your skin can have freckles, moles and birth marks so can your eyes and some people are born with amazing patterning in their irises or even on the whites of their eyes.—————————-Side notesOften the way to bring a character to life is not to focus on the general but to emphasize the specifics. Say a character has green eyes, are they light green, dark green? Golden green, blue-green, do they change in different lighting?Do xir eyes slant? Are they wide and sparkling? Long lashes?Maybe your character has freckles or different flecks of colour in xir eyes?Do they appear intelligent? Mischievous? Innocent?Did your character inherit them from a relative or were they a one off?And you don’t necessarily have to say they’re green eyes. Instead of golden-green how about Chartreuse? or Aqua if they’re blue-green?…Look at those iris patterns/colours.Take the 5th one down, you could say it’s green; it is green. But it isn’t just green, it’s that Chartreuse I was talking about because there’s golden in there and there are splashes of amber as well as a spattering of freckles.It’s going just that step further to describe your characters in detail and their little individualities.……

How many books will there be in the vampire academy spin off series.

the bloodlines series

Richelle Mead has said in the past that she was contracted to write six books for the Bloodlines series. I don’t think anything has changed, and I see six books listed under the series over at Goodreads. The title of book #2 is THE GOLDEN LILY and it releases June 12th this year. 🙂 Free urban books app

If you think there are millions or more galaxies in the universe……..

how many universes are there.Personal opinion – 7.

If you find this kind of thought interesting, I highly reccomend you read the “Dark Materials” trilogy by Phillip Pullman. The books are The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, and the Amber Spyglass. The books deal with many of the same opinions you just spoke of.They give special detail to the controversy of a parallel universe joined to our own.


How Many Books are in the Series.

How many covenants are there in the book of Exodus.

What does this mean for the Israelites?

There are three covenants between God and the Israelites in the book of Exodus.1. Passover. (Exodus 12) This was a blood covenant – a fact that many do not know today because we no longer practice blood covenant in most cultures today. An excellent reference to study this subject is “The Threshold Covenant” by H Clay Trumbull. His book, written over 100 years ago, can be read online for free at,M12. The Sinai covenant (Exodus 20 – 24), when God spoke the Ten Commandments to the Israelites on Mt. Sinai.The Israelites broke these covenants with God (Passover and Sinai) when they worshipped the Golden Calf. Their breaking of these covenants is symbolized by Moses breaking the first set of the Ten Commandments (Note that it was impossible for them to break the Abrahamic covenant which was cut 430 years earlier, however, so the Israelites were kept safe based on the Abrahamic covenant even when they were unfaithful to God.)3. Exodus 34:10-27 contains a third covenant which God gave the people after they broke the Sinai covenant. This covenant is a shadow of the New Covenant. It is a promise that God would still be faithful to them even though they had betrayed Him. It is symbolized by God giving Moses a new set of the Ten Commandments.God bless you!

how many different religious holy books are there in circulation,all religions.

why do people believe these books are holy when they are really books of cultral knowledge

1) Religious belief refers to a faith or creed concerning the supernatural, sacred, or divine. It may concern the existence, nature and worship of a deity or deities and divine involvement in the universe and human life. It may also relate to the values and practices based on the teachings of a spiritual leader. Unlike other belief systems, religious belief tends to be codified.Why do people believe these books are holy when they are really books of cultral knowledge?Cultural knowledge becomes individual, group and social law.Informations in Holy books are, according to the followers, are TRUTH and FINAL for them.2) The following are some of the Holy books of selected different religions. The table below lists the cannonical works of scripture listed by Wilson. For a very comprehensive yet concise academic survey of the world’s religious scriptures (but not the full texts), see the article “The World’s Religions and Their Scriptures” at Reference 3.Old Testament (Tanakh): Judaism; Christianity (different compilations for Jews, Catholics, Orthodox, and Protestants)Talmud: JudaismMidrash: JudaismNew Testament: ChristianityQur’an: IslamSunnah (from hadith) Islam: SunniNahjul Balagha Islam: ShiiteAvesta: ZoroastrianismVedas: HinduismUpanishads: HinduismBhagavad Gita (in the Mahabharata): HinduismVarious Puranas (Vishnu Purana, Shiva Purana, Skanda Purana, Linga Purana, Garuda Purana, Matsya Purana, etc.): Hinduism: newer movements, Vaishnavite, ShaiviteTantras (including Kularnava Tantra): HinduismSutras, and their commentaries: HinduismVachanas: Lingayats (Virashaiva)Adi Granth: SikhismPurvas (12 angas including Acarangasutra and Sutrakritanga, 34 angabahya including Uttaradhyayana Sutra and Kalpa Sutra. Also: Upasakdasanga Sutra, Dashavaikalika Sutra, and Nandi Sutra): Jainism, ShvetambaraPurvas (small number; reject most Shvetambara Purvas): Jainism, DigambaraLarge number of scholastic expositions (anuyoga): Samayasara, Niyamasara, Pravacanasara, and Pancastikaya; Anupreksa; Samadhishataka of Pujyapada; Tattvarthasutra of Umasvati: Jainism, DigambaraTattvarthasutra: Jainism (minor differences between Digambara and Shvetambara versions)Other separate books of Jain Canon: Sanmatitarka, Gomattasara, Jayadhavala, Adipurana, Dvatrimshika, Aptamimamsa, Mulacara, Ratnakarandasravakacara, Sagaradharmamrita: JainismPali Tripitaka: BuddhismJataka stories (semi-cannonical): Buddhism, TheravadaVisuddimagga or Path of Purification (semi-cannonical): Buddhism, TheravadaQuestions of King Milinda (semi-cannonical): Buddhism, TheravadaChinese Tripitaka: Buddhism, MahayanaTibetan Tripitaka: Buddhism, MahayanaLotus Sutra (Saddharma-Pundarika): Buddhism, MahayanaSukhavativyuha Sutras: Buddhism, Mahayana, Pure LandMeditation on Buddha Amitayus (Amitayur Dhyana Sutra): Buddhism, Mahayana, Pure LandGarland Sutra (Avatamsaka Sutra) Buddhism: Mahayana, Kegon/Hua-yenPerfection of Wisdom in Eight Thousand Lines (Astasahasrika Prajnaparamita Sutra): Buddhism, MahayanaSutra of Hui Neng (Platform Sutra): Buddhism, Mahayana, ZenLankavatara Sutra: Buddhism, Mahayana, ZenMahaparinirvana Sutra; Surangama Sutra Buddha; Golden Light Sutra (Suvarnaprabhasottama): Buddhism, MahayanaWritings of Nagarjuna, Shantideva, Aryadeva, Vasubandhu, Dharmakirti, Gyalwa Longchenpa, Sakya Pandita, Milarepa, and Lama Tsongkhapa: Buddhism, TibetanMulamadhyamaka Karika and Precious Garland: Buddhism, TibetanGuide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life (Bodhisattvacharyavatara): Buddhism, TibetanHevajra Tantra; Kalacakra Tantra; Guhyasamaja Tantra: Buddhism, TibetanTibetan Book of the Dead (Bardo Thodol): Buddhism, TibetanFive Classics: Book of Songs; Book of History; Spring and Autumn Annals; Book of Ritual; I Ching (Book of Changes): Confucianism (I-Ching is also cannonical for Taoism)Four Books: Analects; the Great Learning; the Doctrine of the Mean; the Mencius: ConfucianismTao Te Ching: TaoismChuang-tzu: TaoismTreatise on Response and Retribution (T’ai-Shang Kan-Ying P’ien): Taoism, popular religious TaoismTract of the Quiet Way (Yin Chih Wen): Taoism, popular religious TaoismKojiki: ShintoNihon Shoki: ShintoK-oki: TenrikyoOfudesaki: TenrikyoMikagura-uta: TenrikyoMichi-no-Shiori: OmotoJohrei: Sekai Kyusei KyoGoseigen: MahikariNectarean Shower of Holy Doctrines: Seicho-no-IeSong of the Angel: Seicho-no-IeHoly Sutra for Spiritual Healing: Seicho-no-IeDivine Teachings of Kyososama: ShinreikyoChun Boo Kyung: ancient KoreanGleanings from the Writings of Baha’u’llah: Bahai FaithBook of Certitude (Kitab-i-Iqan): Bahai FaithHidden Words of Baha’u’llah: Bahai FaithEpistle to the Son of the Wolf: Bahai FaithBook of Mormon Christianity: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day SaintsDoctrine and Covenants Christianity: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day SaintsPearl of Great Price Christianity: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

How many books are there to the Golden compass.

I really wanted to read the books but I dont know how many there are. Can anyone tell me how many books there are?

Three. It’s a trilogy.

How many phantom stallion books are there.

of phantom stallion books in the series??

The Wild One – (July 2002)Mustang Moon – (2002)Dark Sunshine – (October 2002)The Renegade – (November 2002)Free Again – (January 2003)The Challenger – (March 2003)Desert Dancer – (May 2003)Golden Ghost – (July 2003)Gift Horse – (October 2003)Red Feather Filly – (February 2004)Untamed – (April 2004)Rain Dance – (July 2004)Heartbreak Bronco – (October 2004)Moonrise – (February 2005)Kidnapped Colt – (April 2005)The Wildest Heart – (June 2005)Mountain Mare – (September 2005)Firefly – (October 2005)Secret Star – (January 2006)Blue Wings – (February 2006)Dawn Runner – (May 2006)Wild Honey – (July 2006)Gypsy Gold – (September 2006)Run Away Home – (December 2006)Twenty-four.

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  1. As for the number of universes,BlueI have no idea what you’re talking about but I loved the Vampire Academy books!

  2. Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.

  3. there are infinite galaxies since the universe is infinite

  4. Narayana or Vishnu gives an easy method to salvation, while many people try to get the same by rituals. Rituals take time to Invoke GOD while simple SMARANAM or recital of HIS name brings the same result. Rituals are made when all the gathered cannot recite HIS name with best concentration. HE insists that one should not get adicted, but HE never forebids rituals. Please present the total text, when you would find the same LORD VISHNU praises those who perform rituals for the wellbeing of the entire world.

  5. Violet (Albino)

  6. Hazel

  7. You chose my answer best answer on one of your questions, i sent you an IM so i can answer your question you asked me back !

  8. BrownBut the real answer right now is “we have no idea.” At least one theory postulates that the number of possible parallel universes is close to infinite. Others say ‘naah, 10.’

  9. For the best answers, search on this site

  10. RE:

  11. 11 The words of the wise are like goads, their collected sayings like firmly embedded nails—given by one Shepherd. 12 Be warned, my son, of anything in addition to them.There ARE millions (billions) of galaxies. There’s no “think” about that. We can extrapolate that fact from looking at pictures like the Hubble Deep Field, which covers a tiny, tiny portion of the sky and yet has thousands of identifiable galaxies in it.How many Eye Colors are there?I dont think it matters. You cant pick a best hair color or eye color other wise you sound like hitler. All eye colors are pretty and all hair colors are pretty. What matters more is the shape of the facial features. If you have really big eyes then you most likely look best with green or brown. It you have more bold eyes then your probably grey crystal blue or brown. But honestly focas more on the shapes of the eyes and the hairline and how they do their hair, whether than picking which color is best. Like do you judge a banana because some have brown spots and some are yellow. Most of the time the ones with brown spots are better so dont judge what the colors show.

  12. You don’t need to tell your audience the eye color of every single character in the story. You might want to describe the eyes of the protagonist, and the antagonist, but beyond that, unless there is a really strong reason to do so, don’t bother.

  13. Green

  14. njkevin66- there is a finite amount of energy/matter in the universe, making the number of galaxies also finite, even if extremely large

  15. John 21:25A lot of writers who are just starting out make the mistake of over-describing everything and everyone. By doing so you think you are helping your readers, but the truth is you are just robbing them of their part in creating the story.

  16. AmberMore than it is possible to count. There are thousands of books about Christianity alone, and the Islamic book section of any decent Arabian bookstore (e.g. Jarir in Riyadh) has at least hundreds.

  17. People believe these books are holy because their peer groups do. It’s social conformity and herd mentality, nothing more.

  18. why do people believe these books are holy when they are really books of cultral knowledge


  20. This Site Might Help You.Eye Colours ~Gray

  21. RE:Eyes like the deep gray of the sea just before a storm.So go with:

  22. Her eyes matched the honey colored floorboards perfectly.

  23. Go of the beaten path. Descriptive writing does not require you to use the ‘official’ eye color name.MavRickRoll Kitty: Each of those 35 religions you listed has tons of books that people consider holy. Buddhism has entire canons of texts that some people say cannot even be read in a lifetime. Thanks for proving our points. 🙂

  24. Ecclesiastes 12:11-13

  25. So, how would you call the place where these 7 Universes are? Universe?

  26. For the antagonist and other characters, you probably only need to describe eye-color if and when it is something that the protagonist is acutely aware of, such as when he sees the “love interest” for the first time, or he is staring down the antagonist, etc.I’ve seen more than 20 through telescopes, and many, many more than that in images. I’d go with billions.

  27. While it is traditional in books, especially romance, to indicate that for some colors of eyes they change with mood and (perhaps excessively) to mark off a character as having unusual eye colors – usually light blue or green – in fact the vast majority of people have brown eyes because that is the dominant gene – if a kid gets one brown eye gene from one parent, then their eyes will be brown – only if they get two matching other color genes will they have another color – which can happen even if both parents have brown eyes.

  28. one. The Lord only makes a covenant with Moses/Aaron that he will bring them out of slevery and into the promis land (which then never actually make it into. Thier ancestors do though, so God does keep His Covenant with the Iseralites.)

  29. Of making many books there is no end, and much study wearies the body.Types Of Eye Colors

  30. How many? As many as you can make up.

  31. Red (Albino)

  32. Imagination does not need clarity. It need impulses.

  33. Holy Book Of Confucianism

  34. This Site Might Help You.If the universe is infinite, then probably the multiverse is too.

  35. If you are using the same colors over and over, you are probably describing eye-color unnecessarily.

  36. As many as there are people.

  37. If you are going to tell us a character’s eye-color, do it for a reason. For the protagonist, it might be simple exposition, describing them as part of the overall i think,,, there are promises,

  38. Eight Colours. To make your book more interesting you could describe blue eyes differently. For example, deep sapphire eyes…

  39. I think there is a limit to the universe, we just aren’t advanced enough to find it, and if we ever did, I’m sure we;d find out that there are other universes even.

  40. If you don’t believe me, look at some well written fiction, and see how many characters do or don’t have their eye-color specifically many different religious holy books are there in circulation,all religions?

  41. There’s got to be hundreds of thousands. And many people believe their version is right. Yeah.

  42. It depends upon how you define “universe.”

  43. I’m writing a book but i don’t k.ow how many eyecolors there are. I’m using Hazel…green…light and dark brown over and over again but its getting irritating with all my characters having the same eyes. HELP!!!

  44. There is only one known universe, but there are millions, if not billions of galaxies within it.

  45. hard step. look using search engines like google. it can assist!

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