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How Do I Access My Kindle Books On My Computer

how do you get books for your kindle.

I was thinking about buying one, and i was just curious as to how you get the books…do you plug it into your computer like you do with your ipod? and i also want to know how do those of you that have one like it? is it any good?

First of all, you can get books (free or paid) from amazon or from various other places on the internet. If you’re buying them from amazon, you can access the kindle store directly from your kindle using the 3G connection. You can also connect the kindle to your computer and download books that way.I have a kindle 2 and I love it! I read lots and lots of books, and it’s a great way to carry books with me. Plus, my bookmarks never fall out, and I can take notes on the kindle as I’m reading. 🙂

How come my kindle doesn’t appear on my computer when I plug it in via USB.

Okay, well, I forgot my password to my kindle and I’ve been trying to access it with what I think it was, but I can’t seem to remember. I don’t want to reset it and lose my data, so I decided to transfer all my files onto my computer so when I reset it, I can transfer back to the kindle, but when I…

When I connect my kindle to my PC, I have to enter the password to get it to show up as a drive on the PC.IF you don’t know your password, you will need to reset it. But don’t worry about your data, if you have books on their, they will be removed, however, just log into your account and go to Manage your kindle or Manage your digital orders, you can simply resend your books to your kindle.

Free urban books to read online

How can I read my ibook on my PC.

I’m really pissed. I bought an ibook thinking that I would easily be able to access it through an epub translator, no such luck! The worst part is that I don’t even have an apple device that I can put ibooks on (all i have is an oldschool shuffle) so I have this DMR protected book that I can do nothing…

No, I’m sorry, the DRM file is proprietary. Your best option would be asking for a refund from Apple, and then buying the same book for Amazon Kindle. The Amazon kindle books can be read on Mac and PC computers, as well as iPads, iPods, or iPhones. You have to download a free application that you can freely download from the internet, or they can be read on an Amazon Kindle if you ever get one.Link to iTunes Support: to Kindle for PC Application: Kindle Store:

Can you read books from an iPad onto a Kindle.

My mom accidentally bought books from iTunes, or the ebooks on iPad. Is there any way to access them from my Kindle? Would it help it i had a Kindle Fire? I currently have the first one with the keyboard

If the book downloaded is the epub format you can convert them to mobi (native file of Kindle for reading)

How do I get books onto my iPad.

So my aunt gave me her old iPad. It is still linked to her kindle for some reason, and her apps, but also linked to my own apple id. So I get whatever she purchases for kindle and apps, and whatever I purchase for apps. But I do not know how to put the books that I purchase from my kindle on my mac on the iPad. How…

The only ID that matters for Kindle books is what Amazon account the Kindle app registered to. This information will be in the settings of the Kindle reader app. Kindle reader apps and devices can only be registered to ONE Amazon account and can only access the Kindle books purchased by (or gifted to) that one account. Right now the Kindle app on your iPad is probably still registered to your aunt’s Amazon account.So your choices are,,,CHOICE 1. If you want to keep all of the Kindle books your aunt already has in the Kindle reader…. Leave the Kindle app registered to your aunt’s Amazon account and have her buy the ebooks you want at Amazon. OR from your own Amazon account you could gift the Kindle books you want to her Amazon account (you choose the Gift button at Amazon instead of the Buy button) but note – she may need to go on Amazon to accept the gift and have it delivered to her old reader app on your iPad.CHOICE 2. If you don’t mind having all of your aunt’s Kindle books deleted from the reader app, and you want to buy Kindle books in your own Amazon account to read in the reader app:If you don’t already have an Amazon account, create your own Amazon account (btw when you set up your account at Amazon it does need a credit or debit card even if you plan to only buy free Kindle books or plan to use a gift card).Then in the Kindle App’s settings, de-register the Kindle app. That will cause ALL of your aunt’s Amazon-purchased content in it to be deleted from the iPad. No register the reader app to your own Amazon account. I would now do a Sync or visit the Amazon store in the reader to make sure it connects to the internet and send its registration info to your Amazon account. NOW when you buy Kindle books at Amazon you will be able to have them delivered to the Kindle app on the Ipad (since the app is now registered to you). if you have already purchased Kindle books, go to Manage Your Kindle on Amazon and each of your purchases to your newly registered reader app.

I need help on my kindle, read discription..

I need to know how to access book comments on the computer. I went on amazon and couldn’t find anywhere where I could reach it. Please help.

I am confused about what you are asking.What model Kindle do you have? (I only have the eInk readers, multiple kinds)Do you mean the comments of other readers about ebooks you might buy? And you are trying to see the comments when you go to the Amazon store on your Kindle?On my Kindle Paperwhite I used the menu to go directly to the Amazon store. Some bestsellers were shown across the bottom of the page – I picked a book called “The Goldfinch”. On the book’s sale page I had to scroll down to see some comments. I could see a scroll bar on the right edge of the display. On the Paperwhite (a touch device) I put my finger at the far right edge and stroked UP (which drags the page up. Then I saw the ratings and start of the comments. if you have a non-touch Kindle, try cursoring down a LOT until the page starts scrolling up and then keep cursoring down until you see what you want.————-If instead you are asking about book highlight and annotations for Kindle books you own, I think you need to install the Kindle reader for PC, register it to your account, send your Kindle book to it (use Manage Your Kindle at Amazon or check the Cloud or Archive part of the reader software, find your Kindle book in the list of your Amazon Kindle books, and download it to the PC app). Now check the menus of the PC app – there should be a setting enabling syncing of your highlights and annotations. There may also be a setting that enables you to see other peoples highlights. I do not think there is any way to see there IN the Amazon store.Help for Kindle for PC software app…Amazon also has an online cloud reader for most of your purchased Amazon Kindle books and apparently your own annotations and highlights can be synced to there.Cloud reader about Syncing bookmarks, note or highlights…——–If you HAVE made annotations (your own comments) in a Kindle book and have synced them to the cloud, you supposedly can view them here—–Hopefully one of those answers your question.

Kindle books from ipod touch to computer.

I started buying kindle books from the app on my iPod touch because the prices are great. Problem is my iPods die constantly. How do I get the books I downloaded from my iPod to my computer so I can have them backed up?

See here and the comment in the page, it should work similar for both iPhone and iPod touch, see if it helps:, if you plan to read Kindle books often, I’ll recommend you to get the Kindle instead. When using the iPod to read Kindle books, there are quite a lot of people complaining about the small screen size, discomfort for long reading, no wireless access and no access of Kindle store for instant download of books and newspapers, etc., when compared to the Kindle. If you only use the device for reading occasionally then it should be fine. But if you’ll use it for reading often then it is the best bet to buy the Kindle. You’ll definitely feel a big difference on the reading experience. There is a good review here talking about the difference too: recommend you to read this review of the Kindle too, it is the best one I’ve ever read: it helps.

How do i read books downloaded on my kindle on a computer. my kindle broke and i have a test friday :(.

I have a major test friday and the study info is on my kindle. Im not sure if it was stepped on or what but i cant get it to work. I need to access the books that are on it. Can someone PLEASE help!

Not a big deal. Download the PC kindle app to your computer off i the kindle store. It’s free. Then go into archives in your account on the kindle site and retrieve what you need.

after buying ebooks how do i tranfer to my kindle.

I just bought a kindle and purchased books on amazon, now how do i pull them up in my kindle

If your Kindle can connect via Wi-fi all you will need to do is to connect to your Amazon account and access your library from there. If you have one that does not connect, you will have to upload from your Amazon account via your computer (download to your computer,and then upload to your device).

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20 thoughts on “How Do I Access My Kindle Books On My Computer

  1. You don’t need a computer to use the Kindle. It has free access to 3G networks (like cell-phones), or WiFi if you’re not in a coverage area (which is extremely rare). They just announced a new Kindle ($139) yesterday. It’s on the front-page of It ships on the 27th of August. It’s extremely good. Buy one.

  2. I don’t have a kindle but have 2 Sony Readers the 505 and Touch version. I get my books from Waterstones and, here I can get free classics and public domain books.

  3. Amazon sell books for the kindle.

  4. Yeah, next time make sure you actually know what you’re buying and that you can use it before you put the money down. Can you not access it through iTunes?

  5. No it is not. you could burn playlists in iTunes to a CD. in case you have a great song library it fairly is confusing. you additionally can burn video clips(to DVDs of direction) in iTunes yet you could no longer play them on DVD gamers. they’ll basically artwork on itunes. in case you have an iPod in the techniques enable the ipod so which you could use it as an exterior difficult stress and placed your song directly to it as a tough stress no longer because of the fact the iPod in iTunes. you additionally can use flash drives to bypass your photos or you need to easily use your iPod/difficult stress to pass each record you like. those are the only techniques i understand of. i’m hoping it enables A observe: i exploit domicile windows xp. i choose a mac yet have not got one.

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  7. here is info about the kindle dx, which is the one i want.

  8. It’s wireless, but I think you can plug it in (I only use the wireless tho).You don’t ever need to plug it into your computer. You buy something online or you can get books for free at and it’s automatically sent to your kindle within seconds!

  9. Yeah

  10. hi Andrew, First you could understand your motives, as an occasion: Kindle is only that- a examining gadget, not something greater, yet you could acquire readers at the same time with amazon kindle for unfastened on your ipod touch, in case you have WiFi. on the console count, I recomend the PS3. I do have all 3 machines, however, so i’m not a sony fanboy, purely a annoyed Xbox proprietor who have been given his gadget with the crimson ring of dying 2 cases too many 🙁

  11. It’s very likely that the usb driver didn’t install properly. You can download the KFU (Kindle Fire Utility)to install usb driver. Click here to download KFU,

  12. just plug it into your pc and transfer

  13. I choose books! i’ve got not got a kindle, my dad tried to purchase me one for Christmas yet I threatened to sell it if he did (lol), yet i’ve got study books on the computing gadget earlier and it basically isn’t an identical. i like the sensation of a e book and turning the pages and all that. Plus, I even have an particularly reliable prescription for my glasses and observing a show for too long can aggravate my eyes.

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  15. On the Kindle, when you press the menu button, one of the options is Shop in Kindle Store. You just go there, type your query, or if you just want something to read, browse. It gives you the books in less than half a minute. I’m not exaggerating.

  16. Yeah, just download it for free from and read it on either iPad or Kindle.

  17. edit: I love my Sony’s!

  18. You don’t need to plug it into computer. You just turn the wireless function on, go to the store, and order what you want. It downloads into the Kindle in less than a minute. You have to have an account of course, so you can pay for whatever you buy. The wireless access is called Whispernet, and you don’t need to have internet access to use it. It’s very cool

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