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How To Sell Books To Thriftbooks

Buying used books on amazon: The shipping cost adds up. How can I save.

The books that I want are not offered at any libraries near me so buying is my only option. I want to buy books used since they are cheaper but since i cant find a seller that is selling all the books i want the shipping adds up. Have u any suggestions on saving money on amazon or perhaps a different store that has…

What’s a good website to buy used books for clean and is safe.

since i’m gonna pay with credit card i want a trusted website so they won’t steal my money or something. and how does it work who gets the money? are individual people selling their books or what? who gets the money when i pay? anyways what’s a good site to get used books for school. you know…

Alibris and I have purchased many from each and have always been satisfied. I myself don’t recommend Amazon. It has been our experience to never receive items purchased and there is really no recouse with them. Oh yeah, and is another good one. God bless!!

Free hood books

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6 thoughts on “How To Sell Books To Thriftbooks

  1. I always use, but you can also get textbooks on and

  2. I really advise against using Amazon, since they are almost always ridiculously overpriced. I usually buy my book at Barnes and Noble. The cheapest option is getting ebooks.

  3. just google that book online for free… if u really like reading and are strapped for $… Basically it’s probably available for free

  4. is probably the best way you can go. also has a good variety of text books. Both of these sites are very safe, so there is nothing to worry about there. Hope this helps.

  5. Around $one hundred each and every. Math and Science books are typically hard quilt because of this they may be able to fee as much as $50 greater than traditional, depending on size and something crap the university adds (work books, cd’s, et cetera) to jack up the price. Even used books are pricey, and also you have to get there the first day the book place opens to find them. My pleasant recommendation for you can be to move to your book shop, write down the title, model and authors of every ebook. Then go to Amazon and purchase them for a fraction of the cost.

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