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How Many Clifford Books Are There

Essay paper, please check. 10th grader here. Advice helpppp, due tomorrow.

My Reading ExperienceReading? Oh Lord, ever since I was younger its been a real headache for me. I never really got a chance to get confident with it, so I would totally understand if you’ve had trouble with it! As a baby, I would love reading Clifford the Big Red Dog! I remember watching the show, and…

Reading? Oh Lord, ever since I was younger its been a real headache for me. I never really got a chance to BECOME confident with it, so I would DEFINATELY understand if you’ve had trouble with it! As a baby, I would love reading Clifford the Big Red Dog! I remember watching the show. Everywhere that I went, if I saw Clifford on it, I’d buy it. I also love just staring in the picture books, to me that was heaven. My overall favorite childhood memory was Dora. Her adventures seemed so fun and interesting. As a child, reading gave me a sense of security, and it made me feel just a bit older. Elementary and Middle School you say? Elementary was the point where my real reading began. My favorites included Junie B Jones, and The Cat in the Hat. Each time I had to read out loud in class, I would read fast, get hot, and would stutter; it was always a challenge. When I got to middle school, all my hopes to get better at reading vanished. They made us read so much and gave us many reading assignments that finally I just started hating it. With all the stress of growing up, there was no time to enjoy it. Reading in high school had gotten way worse. There’s reading in every corner. The only reading that I’m proud to say I enjoy is the Twilight Saga . I’ve read all four books. The longest one took me only two full days to read it. What can I say? I’m a fan. Go team Edward! My reading in the future should include a total of zero reading. I am going to try my best to find a job that doesn’t require a lot of reading. I am planning to be something in the medical field, therefore that might require some reading, but I’m sure I’ll work through it. In summary, reading isn’t exactly my thing unless it’s the Twilight books. Overall I’ve had a great reading experience. The downside to my reading experience has only shown me that there’s much more to reading, therefore I am very exciting to show my children how to read. I believe reading is the key to life.Hope this helped(:

How is homeschooling regulated and who protects the children.

My brother and sister in law have a 7 year old girl. She turns 8 next month. My SIL homeschools her and I have grave concerns about this and what we can do about it – I have summarized the problem below.1) They had her in a co-op Kindergarten initially…but didn’t want to get involved so they were asked to…

1) Maybe they were involved in a crazed co-op that wanted all their time and money. It would make sense to leave.2) “Doing nothing.” The label given to most of the “unschooling” movement, which I’m quickly finding myself drawn towards. Read up on it, it’ll do you good. It may take you awhile to get past your initial reactions to it.3) “Good public school.” My neighbors rant about ours. Our state scores on the tests averages out at 35 percent. If hitting the 35th percentile can be considered “good,”….well. Times have really changed! So the good school was completely unable to teach her the basic skills she lacked and wanted her to repeat the year, and cited her age as a factor. Seems like she’s doomed no matter what, doesn’t it?4) Third grade at age seven? My kid is seven and is sort of halfway through first and second grades.Goodness, what is your purpose of the visit? Sounds like you’re busy testing and challenging her, doing your best to see if she’s being “educated” to your own personal standards.Look, I think there are some people out there who have absolutely no business whatsoever homeschooling their children. It drives me batty that they have the right to do so, makes me want to issue tests for competency before they even think about it. I feel the same way about parenting. I see all kinds of stuff that makes me believe these parents are screwing up their babies and children; I would also like to see a test issued for basic competency before you’re allowed to have a kid, too. Where does it stop?I have wildly funny ideas, and I’m not real hip on criticism, either. Most of that criticism isn’t well-mannered or thoughtful, it’s merely judgement without an attempt to understand. My mother-in-law is a great example. I’ve done nothing right for her. My choice of a doctor for the birth of her grandkids was “weird,” it was “disgusting” that I chose to nurse them (sheesh, they only nursed for year, it’s not like they were still nursing through college!), I “held the baby too much,” which “prevented him from learning to crawl.” Their religious upbringing isn’t up to snuff for her standards and she despises the fact that I homeschool. She’s always poking around the kids’ rooms and quizzing them, and believes herself to be The Authority on education; after all, she was a Catholic School Teacher for 25+ years.Yet she can’t understand the most basic stuff! Claims to have watched a duck “give birth,” expressed her hope that the wild ducks would eat any mice they might find, and gave us a box of holiday decorations labeled “Arnamints.” (Ornaments.) She had NO business teaching!!! Ever!!! Who protected the kids from HER? She told my son yesterday that the definition of the word “generic” was “in place of.” Criticism from her IS NOT WELCOME. Or heeded.Can it go on? Depends on the state. Having lived in Eugene, Oregon for awhile, I can imagine things seem pretty relaxed!! That’s a whole other culture out there. You’ll need to know the homeschooling laws. You have absolutely no idea if or how your brother and SIL are handling them, so you really have no standing there.You may be concerned, but first of all, stay away from the SIL. Deal only with your brother; you two are the ones with an established relationship. Use “I” messages, i.e., “I’m worried about Jane, I was wondering about her education,” and NOT “You need to explain how that kid is going to learn anything.” You can also supply your niece with things you think she should be exposed to; buy her a science kit, a set of letter stamps, some reading software (like Clifford The Big Red Dog). Email her, get her hooked on correspondence with you. It will give her practice in reading and writing. Make it simple, and include links to online games so she’s motivated to read them. Play Club Penguin with her online, kids LOVE that one, and you can get a basic penguin for free. They also now have books tied in with the game, so that could be an outlet, too. If she’s as smart as you say she is, she’ll catch on FAST. You might be amazed!

Free coloring books by mail

What did you get for Hanukkah.

I don’t celebrate it but there are too many Christmas questions .__.

Chanukah was over on December 16th. Although Chanukah does not include presents as a tradition, my parents had a theme for every night that emphasized family time and sharing, rather than consumption and materialism.Day one is book night, we exchange books and donate some to a local youth literacy program. The book I got is a wonderful and absolutely fascinating book on medical history by Clifford A. Pickover, “the medical book”. My second oldest brother got it for me.Day two is artsy crafty menorah, we don’t exchange presents, we just help the little kids build their own chanukiah with recycled material and unusual stuff. It is a fun family night filled with glitter and stickers.Day three is boys night. Us girls (my sister and I) do something special for the boys in our family. This year we rented a home theatre so they could play their annoying, loud videogames with style and fixed them special snacks that we don’t particularly like (too salty, too sugary), for them to enjoy. We invited their friends over and they had a blast. It was not a present night. We made a donation to the men’s homeless shelter in our town.Day four is girls night. Our brothers do something special for my sister and I. They staged their own interpretation of a musical my sister and like, complete with live music and makeup. It was absolutely hilarious and very surprising. Also not a present night. We made a donation to a girl’s boarding school for academically gifted, economically challenged girls in our province.Day five is toy night. This is the night when we exchange presents in the traditional sense of the word. We get the little kids something amusing and us older kids just exchange prank junk to get a good laugh. My sister got me a fantastically tacky cowboy pink hat with feathers and shiny plastic stones. We also sent toys to the children’s hospital.Day six is take out and movie night. Also not a present night. We watched back to the future and the producers, stuffed ourselves with arabic food and slept on the living room.Day seven is baking night. We go wild baking bread and cookies and send them to friends as small tokens of affection. We don’t exchange presents, just cookies and baked goodies.Day eight is tzedakah night. Tzedakah is the jewish concept of righteounsness and justice. It is similar but not identical to charity. We have a tzedakah box at home. Everyone drops as much cash as they want on the shabbat and special occassions like graduations or birthdays, and on the last day of Chanukah we count how much we got and decide where it should be donated. This year we sent out tzdakah box to a conservation and environmental research organization. Needless to say, it is not a present night.

Does anyone have an idea how I could sell 2v set Columbia Masterworks books/LPS The Union & The Confederacy.

There is no publication date that I can find, but it may be 1954. Richard Bales is the conductor, essays by Bruce Catton, Clifford Dowdey, and Allan Nevins. Recorded at the National Gallery of Art with the National Gallery Orchestra. The number on the spine is DL244 and both are in excellent shape without a…

Ebay. I sold this set in cassette form a couple of year ago.

How does lack of experience make one better at their job than others with experience.

Trying to see how Obama thinks being intelligent is better than being experienced. Reminds me of military Captains who had the book knowledge, but have no kind of experience of leading men. Many times its sergeants who have more experience to run the unit. What do you think of his selection of the new Supreme Justice?

There is plenty of Justices who were not judges first.Chief JusticesJohn Jay…………………………Governo…John Rutledge………………….GovernorOliver Ellsworth………………..SenatorJohn Marshall…………………..Secretary of StateRoger Taney…………………….Secretary of the Treasury, U.S. Attorney GeneralSalmon Chase………………….Secretary of the Treasury, GovernorMorrison Waite…………………LawyerMelville Fuller…………………..Representat…Edward White…………………..LawyerWilliam Howard Taft…………..U.S. PresidentCharles Hughes………………..Secretary of StateHarlan Stone……………………Attorney GeneralFred Vinson……………………..Secretar… of the TreasuryEarl Warren……………………..GovernorAssociate JusticesWilliam Cushing……………….Member, Continental CongressJames Wilson………………….Member, Continental CongressWilliam Paterson………………GovernorSamuel Chase…………………Member, Maryland General Assembly; Continental CongressBushrod Washington…………LawyerWilliam Johnson………………Representative, S.C. HouseHenry B. Livingston………….MilitaryGabriel Duvall…………………Representativ…Joseph Story…………………..Representati…Smith Thompson……………..Secretary of the NavyJohn McLean…………………..UnknownHenry Baldwin………………..Representativ…James M. Wayne……………..Mayor, RepresentativePhilip P. Barbour………………RepresentativeJohn McKinley…………………Senator, RepresentativeLevi Woodbury………………..Governor, Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of the NavyBenjamin Curtis………………LawyerJohn Campbell………………..LawyerNathan Clifford………………..Attorney GeneralNoah Swayne………………….Member, Ohio Legislature, U.S. AttorneySamuel Miller………………….LawyerDavid Davis……………………SenatorJoseph Bradley………………..LawyerJohn M. Harlan (I)……………Kentucky Attorney GeneralStanley Matthews…………….U.S. Attorney, MilitaryHorace Gray……………………LawyerLucius Lamar…………………..Member, Georgia House, Secretary of the InteriorGeorge Shiras, Jr……………..LawyerHowell Jackson………………..Member, Tennessee HouseEdward D. White………………LawyerWilliam Henry Moody…………Attorney GeneralMahlon Pitney…………………Congress (office unspecified)James McReynolds……………Attorney GeneralLouis Brandeis…………………LawyerGeorge Sutherland……………Congress (office unspecified)Pierce Butler…………………..LawyerEdward Sanford……………….Attorney GeneralOwen Roberts………………….Assistant District AttorneyHugo L. Black………………….SenatorStanley Forman Reed………..Solicitor GeneralFelix Frankfurter………………LawyerWilliam O. Douglas……………Law Professor, Chairman of SECFrank Murphy………………….Mayor, Governor, Attorney GeneralJames Francis Byrnes………..Secretary of StateRobert H. Jackson…………….Attorney GeneralHarold Hitz Burton…………….SenatorTom Clark………………………Attorney GeneralJohn M. Harlan (II)…………..LawyerArthur J. Goldberg……………Secretary of LaborAbe Fortas……………………..Presiden… and Chairman of the SECThurgood Marshall……………LawyerLewis F. Powell………………..Lawyer

Why does Pbskids copy Harry Potter(3rd time posted)..

In fetch theres a episode where the kids go to a castle named dogwarts (Sounds like hogwarts)!In Clifford charlie becomes obbesed with a fictinol character named peter poundstone(Similiar to harry potter)!In arthur purnella and her friend read books about a wizard boy named Henry(Sounds like harry!)!

Its done in many shows.Instead of taking the time to think up an original plot they merely alter names and sometimes the plot of things that sell well.Think of how many shows have copied star wars any movie series that people insist is a cultural phenomenon will be copied by lazy writers or a show that needs more viewers and is desperate enough to practically steal an idea.

Non Christians, this is for you..

Here are my questions.1. Why do you think there is no god or the christian god is the wrong god?2. If there are mysteries about the world and people that can not be solved with science that you yet still beleive in, why is god so far fetched? Like the one I saw on the news about how a 2 year old had died…

1) Because there is NO evidence that ANY of the THOUSANDS of gods that humans have invented and worshiped throughout history exist. There are books about Clifford the Red Dog, too, but I don’t believe he really exists, either.2) I don’t think we can or need to know the answer to everything about Nature. Some things are yet to be discovered, and some things never will be. Big deal. Most of it doesn’t matter. “God” is WAY too “human” an invention to be anything but fiction.3) If there was absolute PROOF of gods, I’d believe in them. I wouldn’t worship any, though. There’s really no need to do so. Some of the Greek and Norse gods and goddesses are really cool, though.4) I personally would have to be pretty horrible to worship a sadistic, killer God who drowned, plagued, and slaughtered millions (more than Hitler), and who conspired to have his own kid brutally beaten and slaughtered – and a hypocrite to consider that ‘love’ and worthy of admiration and praise. I, like most non-Christians, could NEVER, in good conscience, worship the evil God of the Bible. My moral standards are just way too high to be a Christian. To each his own.5) I have NEVER said that atheism is the only way for ANYONE but myself. I couldn’t care less what others choose to believe, Christian or otherwise. If drowning, plaguing, slaughtering, beating,and executing people impresses you or others, you are welcome to drool all over God, if you wish. Enjoy! Atheism is, and will ALWAYS be, the ONLY way for ME. Period.6) Absolutely. I DON’T WANT to spend eternity with the violent, nasty God of the Bible, so Christians’ shameful and silly threats about Hell are moot.

What are some good children’s books.

I’m getting ready to have my first baby and I want to stock his/her room with plenty of books. I’ve been looking at Dr. Suess and Disney but what are some other books that would be good to get? Some that will take them on for their first few years, from birth to maybe when they start school. I want them to…

Good thought on the books! They will last you for years so they are a great investment (can you tell I’m a reader?). My daughter is almost 6 mo and in LOVE with Goodnight Moon. I think that’s a must. Also:”The Very Hungry Caterpillar””Tikki Tikki Tembo”The Spot Books – ie “Where’s Spot”Touch and Feel books by DK PublishingAnything by Richard Scary”Chikka Chikka Boom Boom””Where the Wild Things Are””Wheels on the Bus”Any “Maisy” Books – by Lucy Cousins”Guess How Much I Love You””You Are my I Love You””Polar Bear, Polar Bear What do you Hear””The Jolly Postman”The “Clifford” Books”Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs””Madeline”Anything with great pictures and lots of rhymes always seemed to go over well in my daycare class! Oh but there are SO many good ones, I could go on forever! Great question btw.

help me find this book….

i took out a book on logic puzzles and then i returned it and now i cant remember which one it was… it was A GOOD book on logic questions and it wasnt for children, maybe for teens and adults, the questions were probably 1 paragraph long, and it gave u clues, and i remember the cover was blue, green… and a…

Unfortunately there are many logic and math logic books. I don’t know the exact one that you are looking for. If the book had a new edition, then the book cover may have changed. I will try to find some ideas…How about:The World’s Biggest Book of Brainteasers & Logic Puzzlesby Norman D. WillisFantastic Book of Logic Puzzlesby Muriel MandellChallenging Logic Puzzles (Mensa)by Barry R. ClarkeTHE LITTLE GIANT ENCYCLOPEDIA OF LOGIC PUZZLES by Sterling Publishing Co.I picked these books off of a Amazon search, they look the most promising.If you like math-logic books, try The Mathematics of Oz: Mental Gymnastics from Beyond the Edge by Clifford A. Pickover and Wonders of Numbers also by Clifford A. Pickover. They are good reads and there are shot sections in the book. Some are logic puzzles, some are math puzzles, and some are fun facts.

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  1. I do completely understand your concern but even if your niece was in PS she may not have done well. She is only 7 and as she gets older she will start getting more inquisitive and start trying to get information on her own. It is sad that her mother doesn’t have enough interest to buy some books and do it correctly. Even unschooling requires a little sit down time with the child. This being said unless you live with them you truly don’t know what goes on in the house and unless your SIL tells you that she sleeps everyday until 11 then you can’t say it is an everyday occurrence. Plus, she could school after she gets up. My kids frequently don’t do their lessons until after lunch.Have fun! I love books and I love reading to my class as well as my children.About the only argument I could make for it would be “no bad habits to break.”At age 7, it isn’t uncommon to not read or have a good grasp of math. It in no way means that they will never catch up. Often a kid won’t read at all, then at age 12, will be reading at an adult level within a month.IF BO truly wanted to appoint someone inexperienced (well besides himself as we all know that hasn’t stopped him yet) he should have gone for someone with NO beltway connections. But this appointment is business as usual for DC. You know, the business BO promised he was going to change.

  2. 6. If there were a God would he want me to force myself to believe things I didn’t think were true just in case? And which God should I believe in just in case?

  3. Laura NumeroffIf her daughter is 7 now she is just at the compulsory school age anyway and didn’t legally have to attend any school, public, private, or homeschool, until now. She does have to notify the public school her daughter would have attended that she is homeschooling.If you are out of state, then you can’t know what goes on in this household on a daily basis.John ArchambaultIf your SIL sleeps so much, is she ill? That could make it difficult for her to parent effectively.

  4. Eric CarlePresident Obama kept his cool, while the much more experienced John McCain panicked.

  5. Happy now?

  6. I know some online places that can wright the essay for you like some online sights but you have to pay for it I have don’t it before and have gotten A on my essays but i don’t encourage you to use it for laziness only when you need to here’s the link

  7. 3) Yes.2. All so called mysteries will be solved in time. Science is an on going process. What we know now would have been witchcraft 300 years ago.

  8. It could be that your SIL has different ideas about life than you do. She is entitled to share them with her daughter. She may believe there is a fat gene, and you don’t. You could both get experts on your sides.5) My scepticism is the only way for me. I don’t have a book that orders me to go unto all nations and force it on the natives or anyone else…

  9. 5. I do not say my way is the only way. I am a Spiritual Satanist. My God helps me and hears me. I know of no other religiion where their Gods actually show up when you talk to them. They do in mine. There are many Gods.

  10. 2) At one time the mystery of common infections could not be explained by science. They were attributed to gods and demons. Making up a ready explanation is usually the wrong answer.3. I already believe in god as per answer 1.

  11. If you wish to show your youngster to see that could be the simplest way, Children Learning Reading program.2. What is a mystery today is a scientific discovery tomorrow. Two thousand years ago the way the planets seemed to move around the earth, sometimes going forward, sometimes regressing was a mystery. Today we know the planets circle the sun, not the moon. Can you please give a citation for the story of the child who was dead for “like 1 or 2 hours”?And here is the link to HSLDA a legal defense foundation for homeschoolers. The page that opens should have a link to click that will open a PDF page listing Oregon’s state laws on homeschooling.

  12. If your SIL insists on homeschooling there are a lot of good computer based curriculum’s out there that would allow her daughter to do her lessons with out her mother needing to sit down with her and “teach” her. An example of one of these curriculum’s is Switched on Schoolhouse or SOS. You can even tell your SIL that is advanced curriculum if that makes her feel better.I didnt celebrate hanukah either. I know there are too many questions.

  13. I do consider the Christian god to be the wrong god for the decendants of the Indo-European peoples as this god has no applicability to our culture or worldview. Our ancestors were converted through a process of lies (Heliand for example), economic embargoes (you had to be Christian to trade with Christians), bribery (paying people and giving them clothes to make them accept baptism), as well as out and out violence. If a people only convert through such methods, what does that say for the beliefs in the first place if they need such methods to gain converts?

  14. Dr. Seuss will always be a great classic. Kids love the ridiculous rhyming and rhythm.If you have a boy you must read/get Love You ForeverGet cardboard books next.

  15. 6. Yes — I am. You are proposing something known as Pascal’s Wager — so let me ask you this:There are different approaches to parenting and education. Some of them may get into abuse/neglect situations. What you describe sounds abusive to me, but not legally abusive. (i.e. Telling a kid she’s not wanted at school is abusive.)

  16. Karma Wilson (my favorite by far)1) There is no evidence of any god, and even if I could believe in a god the Old Testament shows the Christian God to be even more evil than what it shows Satan to be.6. I know there is no god. There will be no consequences because there will never be proof of his/her/its existence. Just don’t try twisting it by going ‘well there isn’t proof of his NON existence’. There’s more proof of god not existing because there’s no proof that he/she/it does.Yesuah examine Tora and obeyed the guidelines of Yehovah. i’m analyzing the Messianic techniques and have self assurance they are extra precise than the Baptist church I used to bypass to, then assembly of God, that’s lots lots extra valuable than the Baptist, in my own opinion. no longer attempting to canine any church, it merely wasn’t for me. My husband and that i’ve got been watching Michael Rood, yet getting puzzled. Praying for wisdom, and the suitable pathway. Pagan techniques are not my techniques anymore, yet my acquaintances and kinfolk all rejoice and occasion on at present. this could be the only day s out of a 365 days all human beings gets jointly so my husband and that i bypass bypass to. they are loose to have self assurance as they want, and in addition they understand our new ideals, which, we are nonetheless discovering and attempting to tell apart the undesirable from the solid. i’ve got self assurance the guy who began this positioned up is on the suitable music! Gentiles are think to be grafted in with the Jews, precise? Yesuah is a Jew, from David’s lineage.

  17. If you have a guy that’s worked 40 years in a company that barely ever made a profit or a 20 year old guy with no experience, I’d take the young guy. Young guys can be molded.

  18. 6. I have made my choice. I tried xianity once and it failed me in every way. Father Enki has been good to me. All I have done is traded a sadistic god for a caring God.

  19. maybe it was one of thsoe 1 minute mystery books. that’s what it sounds like to me. i don’t really know. sorry 🙁

  20. 4. Because a majority of christians i’ve met in my life have actually been judgemental, hypocritical, narrow minded bible bashers, especially towards me. Ask them why they’re like that when they’re meant to be followers of the ever loving christ. Everyone is a hypocrite of different levels, regardless of their belief. You can’t try to sound innocent asking a question like that then pin it on non believers. Everyone does something stupid in their lives.

  21. Mercer Mayer- few words big pictures.2

  22. The books by Todd Parr are very colorful and my kids love them. You might also check out the series by Jamie Lee Curtis. They help instill good self-esteem and let kids know that it’s ok to be who they are.2. I do not believe in miracles. A baby coming back after an hour or two is fighting spirit, pure luck, call it whatever you want, but don’t call it god. So sue me for being skeptic. We are human beings, we aren’t capable of knowing everythings reasoning, that’s why we are humans.:D

  23. 3. Of course. Although your idea of evidence is probably a lot different than the standard.##

  24. Perhaps you sister-in-law belongs to the ‘Wait until Eight’ school of thought.I will take intelligence over experience any day of the week.Love You Forever by Robert Munsch is a wonderful book about a boy and his mom.

  25. and get someone to teach you the tune to the little song she sings to her son.From what you wrote, it doesn’t sound like there is any neglect or abuse. They are just choosing a different lifestyle than you.I Love You as Much3. If you could prove to me that there is a god, then I would believe that it exists. Belief that there is a god does not mean that I would worship him.Children Learning Reading is a learning program that attempts to effortlessly train children to learn in little, digestible 15 minute lessons. Children Learning Reading has a good name and is easy to use.

  26. If you are convinced by your own argument, then you should become a Catholic NOW. If you are not convinced enough to become Catholic, then why should I buy your argument?

  27. 3. If there were proof of course I would believe.

  28. I’ve heard that puzzle before, cuz i remember that the answer was that the sun sets for like, two months at a time there so when he came back from the party when the sun came up next, he had a beard, since it’d been two months.Don’t go crazy right now though- get some soft, cloth books and build up.Children Learning Reading contains powerful lessons and studying activities for children to really make the understanding method easier not just for your youngster but in addition for you. The instructions are simple to follow, and the matters are plausible and communicate the product well. If this method worked for therefore several parents and young ones, then there’s undoubtedly about this, it will continue to work for the kids also!

  29. 6) Yes. I’m also willing to chance that there are no monsters under my bed. And I stopped checking for those several decades ago.

  30. ♥Graceful Little Alice♥

  31. 5. I have never said to anyone that Wicca is the one and only way. I have never tried to convert, or preach, or tell anyone they should believe what i believe.You can find out Oregon Homeschool Laws hereDude, make that into 6 posts. It’s too many questions for one post.Books with animals in them are a big deal. Our baby loves books with kitties in them. So, Santa got her some!3. Proof does not require belief. I do not have to have faith in what I know.Don’t forget about Shel Silverstein…kids love poetry.

  32. As for Oregon’s laws well…she legally doesn’t have to teach her daughter any certain subjects or on any certain schedule. In fact, there aren’t any regulations on what, when, or how long instruction must cover or last. She will have to test her daughter in grades 3, 5, 8, and 10. She will not have to turn these scores in though unless they are asked for.4. I do not think all christians are bad. I do not think most christians are bad. Even if no christians were bad it would not make me believe in God.Brain surgeryI am an elementary school teacher and have been for about 25 years now. I got my first teaching job by taking a long-term substitute job for a teacher that retired in before the school year was out. I had the next 6 months or so to prove myself and found that this was the best way to get in to a school district and get hired permanently for the following school year. If you do a good job as a substitute teacher, your colleagues and management will jump on the chance to hire you should an opening come up. At the very least, they will be able to highly recommend you for a position at a school that is hiring. Substituting experience is very valuable, in my opinion, if you take jobs across the grade levels. This makes you more versatile and lets you, the teacher, see what grade level(s) you prefer or are strongest in. Don’t get disappointed…take on a substitute position and show the school that you are an invaluable resource and can be counted on to help out when needed. Trust me…a good substitute does not stay a substitute for long. They usually get hired at the first opportunity. Hope this helps. Good luck.

  33. 4. There are hypocrites in almost every religion as well as horrible people. That is human nature.3. There will never be proof. Hypothetically – No, i wouldn’t believe if i was given 100%, flawless proof.Kagan currently serves as Solicitor General of the United States. She is the first woman to hold the office of Solicitor General, having been nominated by President Obama on January 26, 2009, and confirmed by the U.S. Senate on March 19, 2009. Kagan was formerly dean of Harvard Law School and Charles Hamilton Houston Professor of Law at Harvard University. She had also been a professor of law at the University of Chicago Law School. During the administration of President Bill Clinton, Kagan served as Associate White House Counsel.6. Change the word god to Zeus and then read the question to yourself. That’s what it sounds like to me. However since you believe a god can actually exist – what ifyou’ve got the wrong god? What if the real god is p!ssed at you for worshipping a false idol and would much rather you worshipped nothing at all. Aren’t you really taking a much bigger chance than me?

  34. 1. I don’t think the Christian god is the wrong god, i just have no PROOF or believe of his/her/its existence. With every iota of my being i do not believe logically and spiritually that god does or could exist.

  35. I always think it’s a bit strange when parents home school their children. Kids will have to go out into the real world eventually, and if they’ve been home schooled all of their life without much interaction with kids their own age they’ll have a hard time functioning in society. Is there any way she can just send him to a private school so there might not be as many problems as public schools have? Maybe a religious school or something? Most kids go through public school and turn out fine….I don’t want to offend anyone, but I really think that home schooling kids is kind of selfish and you’re really doing a disservice to them if you do it without having a real reason to.

  36. 1. There is absolutely no evidence to support the existence of any god. Hence, I do not believe in them.

  37. The Giving Tree is great for preschoolers.

  38. I understand that you may not like what is going on; however, it is your SIL’s choice and there really isn’t anything you can do about it. As long as she is following Oregon law she is fully within her rights.Check out Priddy- he also has cardboard books at a great price on Amazon. I have also found his books at the dollar store while looking for stuff for my classroom. These books are great for babies- because they are picture books.nuclear power plant repair and operationmany of those have board books, but they also stretch toward my 4 year old loving to hear them still… she’s actually using some to learn to read too!!1. there is no evidence that any gods exist.

  39. I really hope you can find a good solution to your concern. Just remember that kids are resilient and she has plenty of time to catch up. As long as she can do basic math, read, and write she will be able to function in life and everything else is just extra knowledge. I mean really do you have to know what the water cycle is and how it works to know it is raining outside? It is cool if you do but unless you are a scientist you probably won’t ever need or use that info. I use that as an example of “extra” knowledge.If your niece is now put into a regular school or home taught properly, she will be with her age peers in 2 years.Goodnight MoonParachute packingDr. Suess2. Well, see I believe in gods and goddesses, but I also believe that the majority of the concepts and ideas which we hold will one day have scientific explanations, indeed, we may actually get to the point where we can either prove or disprove otherworldly entities entirely, and won’t that set the cat amongst the pidgeons regardless of which way that ends up going.

  40. 4. I find some christians very horrible, and hypocritical. They say one thing and do another. I do not find as many non-christians hypocritical. They tend not to say anything.Later: The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Shel Silverstein you can read to your newborn as they will enjoy the rhythmn. Our son loves Shel Silverstein.

  41. 2. I accept the idea that there are things I do not understand. I know enough logic to know that this does not prove that there is a god.Edit: I forgot to mention how much my sons love/loved lift-a-flap books. When they were tiny I would lift the flap and they would be surprised every time. As they get older they can lift the flaps by themselves and he is so proud of it. He loves to show me what he finds.

  42. Neither William Rehnquist, Earl Warren nor Lewis Powell were judges before they were named to the Supreme Court. BTW, Clinton nominated Elena Kagan to be a judge, but the Republican Congress wouldn’t even let it come to the floor. So Republicans are the reason she’s not a judge.That being said if there was a guy with 40 years experience in a great company, I’d take him, but those guys are expensive and hard to come by.

  43. 2. There are plenty of unanswered questions. And there are plenty of questions that have been answered by knowledge and science. Just because we do not yet know the answers mean that some god must have done it.But in this particular case, that doesn’t apply. She has already developed bad habits by her mere associations in DC.

  44. dynamite manufacturingThe Baby Bible Story Book is our all time favorite. Colorful pictures and Bible stories.All i can say is talk it throughwith them say what you feel (in nice way) and research some tutors and tell them about it and if there worried about money offer to help pay also maybe get her like a kids email or a camera with sound for 2 computers (if you SIL has one) and give one to her and maybego to work) or during the dayyou could offer her to tech her a little bit

  45. 5. I do not have any faith. Faith is the belief without evidence. I don’t do that. So I do not say that my “faith” is the only way. You can live your life the way you want, and I would appreciate it if you allow me to live my life the way I want without you or your fellow christians proselytizing me.1. I am an agnostic. I don’t know if ther eis a god. I don’t care if there is a god.Protestants believe that Faith in Jesus is enough to get to Heaven. However, according to Catholics, all Protestants are Heretics. Are you willing to follow a Protestant Religion and run the chance that Jesus will send you to Hell for being a Heretic — or will you convert to Catholicism. Think about it — if Protestants are right — then becoming a Catholic will not hurt you, since you will still have your Faith in Jesus. But if Catholics are right, you will burn in Hell for being a Heretic.

  46. The Very Hungry Caterpillar

  47. Twice on Saturdays.Remember the Financial Meltdown in September 2008?and I don’t think Dr. Seuss books are for kids under age 3… too wordy, too many made up fake words, too many made up creatures.

  48. ohhh wait maybe knowing what the hell you are doing might be an advantage??

  49. 1. I see no empirical evidence of God. I would think if there was a supreme being there would be some solid evidence of his existence.4. Usually when I say things like that (although I’m not sure if I’ve ever claimed *every* xian) it’s in direct retaliation to an insult directed at ALL atheists by a xian.2. not having the answer to every single question on the planet is not evidence that a god exists. it just means we aren’t as smart as we like to think we are. At one point we also didn’t know how fire worked and worshipped fire gods.

  50. No, many times it’s the sergeants who know war better, not how to lead, than a new 2nd lieutenant, not a captain. If the new 2nd lieutenant gets to be a captain he better know war better than a sergeant. If you were ever in the military, you’d know that.

  51. I don’t celebrate Hanukkah :p

  52. 5. Ahhhh, well, there I’ve got ya 🙂 I certainly don’t say that mine is the only way. As a hard polytheist, I believe there are many gods and goddesses, and if you want to follow the Judaic god, hey go for it, in what-ever guise floats your boat. I tolerate eclectic pagans, moslems, hindus, judaic folk, etc. See, that’s the biggest problem with polytheism, and why it got its butt kicked in the old days, is because we can actually accept the notion of another deity or deities, but Christianity cannot. So, we learned the hard way, that if we give the Christians, especially the loud-mouthed ones whom say theirs is the only way, an inch, they’d take a couple of thousand years. We are only just getting back our ancestral traditions, and that’s taking lots of time and research, and frankly, I’m loath to have to go through that all over again, so, yes, if at times I am harsh against certain Christians, that is why.Sure its done all the time in many fields.4. I agree. There are lots of horrible people in the world — some of whom are Christians and some who are not. There are lots of good people in the world — some who are Christian and some who are not.jet fighter pilotAny book with touch and feel, look and finds, or nursery rhymes are also great!! Babies love these and books with mirrors and pictures to imitate.*Idea*

  53. We have shelves and shelves of books here, and I rarely find a children’s book that I don’t like!Here are a few of my favorite authors… anything by these guys are awesome books!!!If You Give a Mouse a CookieA sweatshirt, clothes, and an mp3 player. Mostly clothes. I don’t mind though. 😀

  54. 4. Because unfortunately the vast majority of Christians whom actually speak out actively have this sort of behaviour pattern which skews the results. I’ve seen similar statements about Atheists here at Answers and am of the opinion that all societies, beliefs, cultures, etc have their horrible annoying hypocrites, morons and cretins, it is, unfortunately a human trait, irrespective of beliefs, cultural considerations, etc.Sandra Boynton1

  55. Bill Martin, Jr.If it were me I would just keep working with her when you see her. Use yourself as a sort of tutor. Maybe see if you can check out the hooked on phonics set from your library or keep doing cooking math. Those are both great ways to learn.I don’t celebrate it either, and yes they are a little too much.

  56. 1. I agree there is a God, in-so-far as a deity which was of the Polytheistic judaic ancestors essentially via a process of military need to bring the disparate (and waring) tribes together, went from being somewhere down the pecking order, to top dog, and ended up becoming the only god in the system. The Old Testament was a fantastical take on historical truth to create a god whom was supergod and was the Chuck Norris of gods.

  57. I am a teacher and here is the list of things I would get:3. I would believe in god if I had some good evidence. Proof is not necessary.Well, considering being “experienced” when it comes to being a career politician normally means “corrupt” I’d say that not being in the Washington beltway for 20 years is a good thing… unfortunately, given our political finance system (in dire need of reform), the longer you’ve been in power, the more people you owe favors to

  58. Im sorry but this is really bad for a tenth grader! You write like a fifth grader!

  59. Me neither hahaha so I got some hanakkah like cookies

  60. Eric Carle, the author of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, has MANY great children’s books! Our favorite here is 10 Little Rubber Ducks.-Owl Babies by Martin WaddellIf you haven’t had a baby shower yet, add to your invitations that “in place of a card, please bring a copy of your favorite book to start Baby’s library and help develop his/her early learning skills!” This is trend that has become very popular and you will be surprised at the variety of books that you and your baby receive!

  61. -Is Your Mama a Llama?Child’s Play has some great books to teach songs with motions (some sign language), as well as a variety of other books.5. I have never said this so I can’t answerWhich makes one wonder why we are putting kids into schools as early as we are.

  62. 1. He is the god that never heard, or cared. Many years of prayer wasted.

  63. But i don’t remember the books name. Sorry. Good Luck!

  64. 5. I do not say my way is the only way. I am a very tolerant person. factors?! you do no longer assign factors. i do no longer think in banning books, yet as a political workout, how with regards to the “loved” atrocity “The Rainbow Fish.” it is honestly certainly one of the main biased, socialistic products of trash i’ve got ever examine and yet many human beings (which comprise pre-college instructors) think of that it incredibly is a e book approximately attractiveness. A fish who’s “diverse” is avoided-basically based upon innuendo and jealousy- till she provides up each thing that makes her “diverse” and so will become a similar because of the fact the backside undemanding denominator. The e book is notably, so infants will have an interest in it, however the message is destructive (to be accepted you won’t be in a position to be extra alluring/ proficient or smarter than all people else or they are going to shun you). it is awful, yet commonplace. i ask your self why?

  65. 6. Yes. Are you willing to chance the fact that you are worshipping the wrong god and pay the consequences?

  66. 5. I do not say that my way is the only way. Why are you putting words in my mouth?4) When I say Christians are horrible, hypocrits, and more it is because many of them are. If Christians did not constantly remind us of their moral superiority and try to inflict their moral values on the rest of the world (how many Christian groups have lobbyists in Washington?), maybe we wouldn’t have to point out such things so much.Then, move to regular books. Our baby is 16 months old and her books that are good are up on her closet shelf. We have some books from the dollar store and from the 1/2 price bookstore we leave out for her in case she rips them.Here is something else to think about — if you are wrong about God — are you really willing to throw away your ONLY life on Jesus when you could be making something important of your life?

  67. 6. Very much so. See, if you dig around enough and find out the background of Judaism, and see some of my other posts, I’ve outlined some of it in those, well, the notion of Hell gets a bit different to that which is trotted out by many.

  68. I have found that anything by Sandra Boynton is great! My 8 month old daughter loves her books…and I love to read them. Of course – you will need to get plenty of board books (no paper pages) – because babies tear up regular pages easily. I know she has regular paper paged books as well. I know this won’t take her all the way to school….but from my experience…they go thru phases – so, not just one kind of book will suffice for the first 4-5 years….

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