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How Much Are Danielle Steel Books Worth

for a moderately successful writer, what would the average…

anual income be? I realize this will be a rough estimate. I’m not talking Stephen King/Danielle Steel, just your average published writer.thank you.

I am a ghostwriter and write books for a top 2 publisher.The answer is for a first time author, you will warn probably nothing but reputation.Let me explain the way traditional publishing works. You get an agent to shop your book around to publishers along with a book proposal which is an important document and you NEED to learn how to write one.By the way, you do NOT copyright your book yourself. It is considered amateur and drives publishers and agents nuts. It makes them feel you don’t trust them. It will be in your contract to have the manuscript copyrighted in your name. Legit publishers and agents do not steal work. The trick is to learn how to make sure the ones you are dealing with are legit.A smart author invests in an editor before the book goes through the query stage. At that point, you can retain rights to any and all edits made in your book. A good editor knows how to take a good novel and turn it into exactly what a publisher is looking for. Expect to pay 3-10 dollars per page based on 250 words per page, but they are worth it. An editor’s margin notes can really help you get your novel in great shape. They have been down the road before. They know their stuff. They also know agents and may be able to recommend you to one. But it costs money up front.If a publisher decides they are interested, they sign a standard book contract with you. That calls for you to receive 10% royalties from the sales of your book. 15% of your 10% goes to your agent for negotiating the deal.The price of your book is set at 6 times the cost of production. Generally these days, with a hardcover book that comes to about $24.99. That means that for every book you sell, your share is $2.49 less 15% for your agent or roughly $2.12 BEFORE TAXES.Today, it is common for a first print run of a book to be about 15,000 books. Much less isn’t profitable to print. Therefore if you sell all 15,000 of your books, you stand to make $31,800. If your agent has done their job, they have gotten you an advance of 50% of your royalties or $15,900 – of course that is taxable income.That means that when your book sells 7,501 copies, you start earning your additional $2.12 per book. But publishers aren’t fools, they are businessmen. If your book does not sell 7.500 copies, you will likely be asked to return any portion of that $15,900 that is owed to them.If you are smart, you take that $15,900 and plow it into marketing and promoting your book so that you sell the rest of the first print run and get the publisher to do a second or even third run – which your agent will negotiate at higher royalty rates and a bigger advance. It takes money to make money. If you paid for an editor, you are still running behind at this point. You NEED to remember Uncle Jim’s rule of publishing. Money should start flowing toward the author not away from him as it does in self publishing.Of course, this means your royalties end up being nothing, but you are investing in your future as a novelist. Often, if you are willing to invest, you can get your publisher to contribute a similar amount. Again, this is if your agent is on the ball.If your books do not sell and end up on the bargain tables we all see at the major book stores and I walk in and buy your book for the reduced price of 7.00, you make ZERO. Nothing.If your publisher negotiates with one of the large wholesale clubs like Costco to sell your book for half price – or approximately $16.49 each, you take the hit. Your 10% is based on that number. Of course, you will likely sell more copies in those clubs, so it is advantageous. A good agent will work on book club deals for you. Also, when you walk into a major bookstore these days and see books on displays at the counter and near the front of the door, that costs money. It is paid advertising. Sometimes as much a dollar a book to get placed up front. But that is where people will see you. So your marketing plan may involve getting your books placed on those tables for a day or two. YOU the author pay most of that cost. Publishers invest very little in marketing for novice authors. Brown Little got burned paying 50 million dollars to advertise The Historian for Elizabeth Kostova and now it is available on bargain shelves for 5 bucks. They save their big advertising dollars for the big time authors.You do not get rich on a first novel. It is very rare. If any one asks you to pay money to look at your book, they are a self publisher and you should run fast. The only things your agent may charge you for are the standard 15% commission plus incidentals like printing costs of copies they have to send to publishers, postage, long distance calls etc.The 90% left goes to the printer, and the publisher. They are the ones speculating on you and that is how it works. They have to pay editorial staff, attorneys, and many other people who will be there actually “working” for your book. They do earn their share. Believe it or not.And by the way, the figure is that only 5% of authors make a living at it. The rest work. You can look up an author by the name of Glen Cook. Writes great Sci Fi and satire. I love his Garrett series books. He wrote for years at night while working days at the GM Light Truck Assembly Line. If you have a GM truck, he might have built it. And he wrote a ton of books while he worked there.If you go to my profile you will find I star all the Q and A on publishing and writing. Read through them and print out ones you think will help you. Many legit authors post here and do a lot to help novices learn.

Losing weight.. I REALLY need help..

I’ve struggled with being over weight for the past 8 years. I’m 18 years old now, a female, and I weigh 223 lbs. at 5’6. I was recently diagnosed with PCOS, and because of this, it’ll make losing weight a lot harder than someone without it. I’m disgusted with my body, and I want to be happy in…

I am larger than you. I feel sad about the state of my body, but it’s in my gene-pool. I haven’t been able to lose weight, mostly because I haven’t found motivation to try. But that’s all changing now. The best thing I can recommend is to: A. Play Superman. Junk food, sugary drinks, and stuff like that is your kryptonite. Keep it out of your house, dorm, etc., keep it out of your mind, and keep it out of your mouth. B. Exercise daily. Some people might say that’s too much, but it can’t be if you take care, drink water, and don’t just keep going and going. C. If it’s in walking distance, walk. D. Have a friend help you. Tell them that you need them to be on call for you when you’re craving something you shouldn’t have. Go in your bedroom and talk to them for a while until you’re distracted. I say your bedroom because, if you’re in the kitchen, you might be tempted to graze. E. I know a book probably won’t help much, but this book sort of inspired/motivated me. I would recommend reading it. It’s called ‘Big Girl’ by Danielle Steel. I loved it. F. Try eating lots of fruits and veggies, whole-grain, low fat, etc. Organic stuff, Lean Cuisine, there’s all kinds of food products out there designed to help people lose weight. That’s not saying they absolutely work, but hey, it’s worth a try, isn’t it? And, last but not least, G. Don’t lose faith. No matter what you weigh, you are beautiful. Say it with me now, BEAUTIFUL. No matter how self-concious, shy, outgoing, large, small, anything that anyone is, they all have their good qualities. Find yours and let them shine. 🙂 Hope I helped. Disney story central

How much is a NEW Gold Leafed Autographed Danielle Steel “Toxic Bachelors” book with Case worth.

This is brand new from Printing Company.

Probably close to 200 dollars.

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  2. Depending on what you write – 100 – 500 hundred for a short story to 2000+ and royalties for a full book. Unless you have something like JK rowling and can sell off a million on release date, you will most likely have to continue full time work until you have enough of a following, publish enough books, or use your credentials to do panels, be an editor for an anthology, option a book to movie, and the many other possibilites. Basically unless you publish a minimum of 2 books every year – ever moderately known authors have difficulty making the comfort zone income above middle-class.

  3. I just did a search for writers in NYC, LA, and Chicago. Now of course these cities are have a real high cost of living but you can figure the differences for where you live. Most of them started at 35k up to 60k.

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  17. If you can get in with a major publisher and get two books published per year (almost impossible for either one), you might make $40,000 per year. Can’t count on it, though, because publishers push back publishing dates, editors leave, and publishers even go out of business.

  18. It’s really a wonder that so many people do write because it’s about the lowest paid profession there is. I guess we just love it.

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