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Books How To Train Your Dragon

What was the moral of How to Train Your Dragon.

A couple I think:1. Dragons are awesome2. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover (I think that’s the main one, lol)3. When you’re a Viking, you start out with an American accent as a kid and then get a Scottish accent when you grow up.Just to name a few.

How to Train your Dragon 2.

I went to go see How to Train your Dragon a few days ago and I loved it. I’m really hoping to see another film come out, maybe a prequel or even a sequel. The movie didn’t really leave it open to one, but then again I’m sure there are a few species of dragon that aren’t friendly. The movie has…

First of all this is my favorite movie of all times, and ive seen thousands. Secondly, dreamworks bought the rights to all the books Cressida Cowell wrote, why would they buy all of the if they were going to make just one film, doesnt seem to add up. so most likely there will, but when you think about it, what are they going to do next, mongols attack with their dragons? Free paperback books

will there be how to train your dragon 2.

????????????????????????????any ideas?

This question has been asked before.I will copy the best answer of the question of “How to Train your Dragon 2?”It’s stated by Frank C “First of all this is my favorite movie of all times, and ive seen thousands. Secondly, dreamworks bought the rights to all the books Cressida Cowell wrote, why would they buy all of the if they were going to make just one film, doesnt seem to add up. so most likely there will, but when you think about it, what are they going to do next, mongols attack with their dragons?Source(s):…”

how to train your dragon.

guys plz give me a link where i can get how to train your dragon book for freethx

Here ya go-

Is there any sequels movie out how to train your dragon.

How To Train Your Dragon 2 will be released on June 20, 2014. If you buy the DVD or Blu-Ray of the first film, among the bonus features is a short film called Legend Of The Boneknapper Dragon, which is a short sequel. There is also another DVD/Blu-Ray that features 2 more short films based on the movie, one is called Book Of Dragons and the other is Gift Of The Night Fury.

Are dragons real like the ones from how to train your dragon.

When i was much littler (6) i believed with all of my heart that dragons existed. I was obsessed. I read books, put up posters, they were so awesome. Even i came to combat the idea of nonexistance, when people said “why isn’t there bones of them then?” My only response was that they were migrating across the ocean when the meteor that killed all the dinosaurs hit, and henceforth died in the ocean. As i matured, much to my dismay, i realized the dragons were never real. But however, believing in something like that got me through my rough childhood. Believe what you want to believe, or not, its not my choice. ~

Why did the film makers of how to train your dragon change the film so much from the book.

I mean there was a book called how to train your dragon by cresseda cowell. I fell in love with it and when I heard that they were making a movie I was so exited. Then I cried when I watched it because they had changed it so much. I wanna know why

It is not uncomon, unfortunately, for producers and directors to make small or vast changes in a storyline when taking it from a novel to the screen. There are so many considerations they have to take in account, such as:Story material – can all that was in a book be fit into a 90-120 minute movie? Usually not, and they have to cut material that they feel is inconsequential, or they will completely cut out secondary or less needed story lines.Commercial impact – Who can we market this film to? There is never a movie made where they do not take into consideration the marker that this film will appeal to and they will make any changes required to make it look more interesting to specific target audiences. If it is too dark, they have to lighten it up to keep the kids from being afraid or parents avoiding taking their kids to it. If it is too childish, they have a hard time getting anyone other than the kids who got their parents to go see it with them.Directors goals – The Director is the final say (generally, and push producers aside) in what the movie is. They can change the name, delte characters and storylines or change it completely and just use subtle nuances from the original book to create a film he wants to make.There are many reasons why this happens, and this is just a few. Keep in mind that movies are a business, they make movies only for people to go spend money at. If they have to make changes to make money, they do it every time.Also, remember that books and movies are 2 very different forms of entertainment, and you will always get far more out of a book than you will a movie.Hope this helpsZ

Which book is How to Train Your Dragon based off of.

I just had a lot of time to spare, and listened to How to Train Your Dragon. The movie was actually a good animated one, and I thought it may be fun. It actually was. However, the book is like a polar opposite to the movie. Am I missing something? Is another one of Cowell’s books the writing that the movie was…

The director had mentioned while it is based on the book of the same name it is very loosely based same character names and island and viking hatred of dragons but all other details have the DreamWorks twist on it. I haven’t read the book but I did love the movie and am looking forward to the sequel.

Is Astrid in any of the how to train your dragon BOOKS.

the only reason I bought book 1 was to read about her but she’s not there. If she is in the series, what book?

Ahaha!! I LOVE ASTRID TOO!! She is so awesome ! :)) I loved the movie because of her and Hiccup :”> =))) I just loved how she’s so hard to please and independent, and the whole ‘I’m-a-girl-but-I’m-also-a-viking-so-don… attitude, but in the end she helps Toothless and eventually falls for Hiccup too :”> :)) Soo cuute.Aw dude, I’m really sorry but Astrid isn’t in any of the books in the How to Train Your Dragon Series. Her counterpart in the series is a girl named Camicazi, and she isn’t anything like her. (Well, not so much) Dreamworks recreated the plot line for the movie and in the process made up some more characters, and Astrid is one of them. Astrid is great, I get ya there, its a shame she isn’t in any of them. i would’ve bought the entire series if ever she was. For now though, let’s just stay hard core fans of this girl :))Hope I helped 🙂

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41 thoughts on “Books How To Train Your Dragon

  1. How to train your dragon 2 will come out in June 13th in the USA and 4th of July in England, there’s a tv series called riders of Berk and a second season called defenders of Berk and eventually be a third series called dragon masters. How to train your dragon 3 will come out in 2016.

  2. Right now there are plans for a sequel to be released some time in 2014-2015. ; )

  3. A2. No.

  4. A Hero’s Guide to Deadly Dragons”How to Train Your Dragon “is at the top of the box office.I watch this movie from There will not be a sequel since they figured out how to train the dragons.

  5. you mean the movie? If so, you should not have put the question in “reptiles”.

  6. I’m 19 years old and not afraid to admit that this movie goes on my all time top 10! The producers talked about if this movie was successful there could possibly be a sequel and to me it seems to have hit success. i guess we’ll hope for the best 🙂

  7. There is 257 days till it comes out. Read the Wiki.

  8. Our son is bummed too!

  9. Q2. Are they like in H2TYD?probly but not sure many moveis have multable parts like OTTYD ( How to train your dragon) 1 and 2 if they have one

  10. Jk No they aren’t, sorry to burst your bubble.

  11. Even I have seen other new released movies from this site ..It’s really awesome..

  12. I loved this movie. I think it has to be one of my all time favourites. I would love to see a second movie, but I also think that sequels kind of ruin the original movies. The first movies are usually the best, and after that they tend to die down a lot. I don’t know, it might just be me… If they can make another dragon movie as good as the first I would definately love to watch it.

  13. Let me take your question and turn it into two.

  14. How to Train Your Dragon 2 comes out today, June 13, 2014!!!

  15. Great movie, wouldn’t it be nice if it were true but it’s not.

  16. Q1. Are dragons real?(soz for spelling XD)

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  18. where can watch “How to train your Dragon 2” for free??? i’m begging

  19. A sequel to How To Train Your Dragon will be released in cinemas June 20, 2014.

  20. Great question. Without getting too deep into it. Look at the Asians and how they are fascinated with the Dragon and too add it plays a major part in their culture. I definitely believe they existed a long long time ago.

  21. What all did they change? I’ve not read the book.

  22. Yes of course! Just like Hicup is a real name!they could be 1 sins there are 8 books and they bought the license 2 all them then

  23. How to Ride a Dragon’s StormThey did talk about doing another one if the first one was a HUGE success. But think of it this way, if How to train your dragon 2 was written tomorrow,it would take 3 years to make it

  24. A1. Yes.

  25. That was such a good movie!! I cried!! 🙁

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  28. They are starting animation production on the sequel which is said to come out around December 2015

  29. yep, they live in Atlantis with Bigfoot and 2pac

  30. i thought the film was mamzing ( watched it 3 times in 4days)

  31. I belive they are, they are threw the veil with the fae, go to If you want to know more about “real” dragons, there are two audio clips explaining the existance of dragons.

  32. That dreamworks CAN defeat pixar.

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  34. Yes and they hide under your bed at night.

  35. 1. 11 in the books..around 14-18 in the movie?? 2. in theaters march 26 2010, on dvd october 15 2010. 3. john powell. 4. Jonsi 5. Dream works Animation 6. His left tail fin. 7. terrible terror?? 8. deadly nadder or nadderhead It would be some pretty awesome homework if you ask me.

  36. At times, dragons can be our friend, too….

  37. They premiered a cartoon series in August 2012 called Dragons: Riders of Berk. The last episode of season 1 aired March 20, 2013. The series serves as a bridge between the first film and its 2014 sequel. A total of 40 episodes will air during the first and the second season. The second season will have the new subtitle of Defenders of Berk, replacing season 1’s subtitle Riders of Berk.

  38. It’s money wise really. Plus what do the vikings have left to do? They obviously don’t have to fight dragons anymore, but if there was a new name it would have to be one of these names:How to Train Your Dragon

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