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How Many Books In Iliad

So my research on The Iliad is going alright so far, but since there are MANY translations for The Iliad. How.

So my research on The Iliad is going alright so far, but since there are MANY translations for The Iliad?How do I put the (line blah) after my quote if all translations have different lines...for the same story though…Do I just put..Lets say I use this quote: “Let Achilles slay me”(book24). So instead…

In your bibliography/reference list, indicate what translation you’re using. Then in your parenthetical documentation (that’s what it’s called), just give the book number and the line number in that translation.

How were Achilles and Agamemnon actually similar in the Iliad.

How did Achilles and Agamemnon compare and contrast throughout the Iliad?Did anything show that if they weren’t in such a huge quarrel that maybe perhaps they could be acquaintances?

Both men weren’t just princes, but kings in their own right. The parallels are made quite clear by Nestor in the speech in which he tries to calm both men down in book one. Read that speech by Nestor, it answers many of your questions. One can also see deliberate parallels by Homer in the extended arming sequences each is given, two of only four in the entire epic. Another good place to find parallels between them is in Book 9, before the embassy is sent, when Agamemnon admits essentially that he has wronged Achilles and lists the things he’d do to get his help again in the war–all of the Greeks valued such material objects, but only one of them can be the overall king. Another place to look is just a bit outside of the Iliad, to Homer’s Odyssey, book 24, where in the underworld the two seem to have become friends.

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How many books did Homer write in his lifetime…What are they.

I got all of shakespeare’s books down….i need the ones that Homer wrote…so far there’s only two, The Odyssey and The Iliad.I don’t know if there’s more…

I think thats it.

How long does it take to read the Iliad by Homer and Richard Lattimore and where can I get the book.

I have to do a summer assignment on the Iliad. My summer assignment is to read the Iliad and write notes on it. Then, I have to create a poster of it…Blehhhhh…Anyways, how long does it take to read it??Where can i buy it? I havent started reading it because i want to enjoy my summer vacation doing outdoor…

The Iliad is an ancient Greek epic-poem, now printed in book form. It was written by Homer. Lattimore will be the name of the translator for the copy you have been asked to get, not the writer.You can buy the Iliad at ANY book store almost anywhere, since it is a classic, and one of the oldest pieces of great literature in existence. It can also be found in practically any library, and bought from any online book retailer. You should have no trouble finding it. It’s usually about £10, give or take depending on where you buy from. Second-hand copies bought online are good value for money. You can also get it for Kindle, and I THINK (not sure) you can get it for free if you have an ipad, in the free section of the library (not sure what the app is but I think it comes with the ipad) under Homer.It has approx 705 pages, depending on the size of the print in your copy, and the size of the pages.The version translated by Lattimore can be found on Amazon, here:…

how did homer descrobe how big the greek army was in the iliad.

There’s a whole book in the Illiad that is a catalogue of the Greek army. It says how many men and ships each king brought, and who they were commanded by, which heroes were in which battalion and where they all came from.EDIT: Checked which book. It’s book 2 which starts with Agamemnon receiving a false dream from the gods telling him he’ll win a battle today. He decides to test his armies by telling them they’re going home instead. The army starts packing but Odysseus receives orders from Athena to stop them and convinces them not to pack and leave. The book then ends with a full catalogue of the ships as I described earlier. Actually it lists ships with their commanders and heroes, not exact numbers. The text says “I [couldn’t] count them, not if I had ten tongues and ten mouths”

How many people in school…..

I’ve seen alot of questions about Homer’s Epics (the Iliad and the Odyssey), so how many people have to be studying them (myself included)

Do you mean in the whole world?According to one site the number is 483,276,321, including you. taking a class mandating the studying of the book has to be studying it, but they all may not be. So adding you, that is one more that is supposed to, but may or may not be.I must note that Bee (below) added a new dimension to need, there may be a need not due to assignment, but out of self fulfillment, that makes it a tougher number to figure out.

In books 1 and 3 of the Iliad….

In books 1 and 3 of the Iliad, how does Homer characterize Amamemnon as an arrogant king insensitive to the people he rules?

Book I – Agamemnon mistreats the priest Chryses when he comes to ransom his daughter, Chryseis. Also, He is rude and takes Achilles’ captive girl instead and set Achilles anger in motion. Without Achilles on the battlefield – the Greeks lose many fights and many men die.Book III – Agamemnon does not really do anything “wrong” in answer to your question. Menelaus and Paris plan to have a duel – and Agamemnon vows that if Menelaus is killed he and the other Greeks will stop the battle and leave.

How many pages are in these books.

The number of pages depends on the edition’Pygmalion’ is a play and ‘The Iliad’ might mean anything from the original Greek, through Pope’s verse translation to a modern version.Book length is measured by the number of words, not the number of pages.Yes, The Iliad is by Homer. But that does not affect the fact that it comes in Classical Greek, 18th century English, modern English and any amount of variations in between, including graphic novel versions. Pretty much the same goes for ‘Les Miserables’, except that the original is in French.And The Iliad is not a novel. Neither is Pygmalion.

How many pages are in the Iliad.

I need to know how many pages are in the Iliad?

Depends on the edition.However, there are twenty-four books, each of which has somewhere between 500 and 1,000 lines of verse. In the copy on my bookshelf this adds up to 443 pages.Prose translations will probably be more compact.

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  3. 576 pages

  4. that’s all isn’t it?

  5. 1 right here

  6. No one HAS to study it, but do you want to pay the consequences for not?

  7. How long does it take to read the Iliad by Homer and Richard Lattimore and where can I get the book?well.. i think most people in like 8th, 9th and 10th grade end up reading some of them.

  8. [/DELDUP]I have to do a summer assignment on the Iliad. My summer assignment is to read the Iliad and write notes on it. Then, I have to create a poster of it…Blehhhhh…Anyways, how long does it take to read it??Where can i buy it? I havent started reading it because i want to enjoy my summer vacation…

  9. I have to study them. I love Greek mythology.

  10. Achilles was pissed because Agamemnon disgraced him by taking away his spoils of war. In Ancient Greece, the worth of a fighter was measured by the quality and quantity of his spoils, or treasures won from war. (these treasures, by the way, were often women.) Achilles was angry because Agamemnon took his woman Briseis. This disgraced Achilles. I side with Achilles at first, because Agamemnon really was being a jerk. But don’t worry, Achilles will show his true d-bag self as the epic continues. You’ll want to slap him, I guarantee.

  11. He said “Marge, get over here and look at this big Greek army.”

  12. Oh, and thanks for telling us that the Iliad is by Homer. I’m sure nobody here knew that.

  13. RE:

  14. For the best answers, search on this site the others have answered, the number of pages depends on the edition.So, go to your library and see what books on your list are available. The librarian will be there to help you find them.

  15. Been some time ago when I was in school. Even though it is a classic piece of literature, the average reader might not get much out of it. I know I was bored to tears having to read it.

  16. Those two epic poems are everything we have of Homer’s writings, and we don’t know of any lost works.

  17. You can look this information up in any online library catalog. Of course, you’ve never heard of a “library,” much less an “online library catalog,” so I guess you’re just fcuked.

  18. Eeew Ancient Greek stuff, I hate those

  19. Yeah a long time ago…1978….oh I am gettin’ old.

  20. This Site Might Help You.

  21. I assume that you must read a book as an assignment and you want to read the shortest book. But you can’t read a book that is not available for you to read. 2, 5, and 7 are probably not in the public domain, so they are not available online (not legally, anyway). The others might be available online via “Google Books” or “Project Gutenberg” or “Internet Archive”.we have actually studied the oddysey already last year in my english class it was really fun because that just happens to be the kind of stuff im into

  22. Not currently, but last semester I did.

  23. Which books? Google the answers

  24. Paperback or hardcover? Which edition? It varies all over the board.

  25. They were both men of high standing in their own tribes – and princes of aristocratic blood. Agamemnon of Mycenae, Achilles of Mirmidonians(the ant tribe). Both had considerable influence on the Achaens – Achilles through his valor, Agamemnon mostly through political intrigue. Both of them would not easily yiled to the others, especially when it came to the questions of loot, and “who’s number one”. Both were dead from unnatural causes – Achilles was shot from the arrow “directed by Appolo” for the hand of Paris, Agamemnon was betrayed by his wife and stabbed to death in his own bath, after coming back from Trojan expedition.

  26. they were both stubborn hot headsHey man! Homer wrote the “How to Drink Beer”, book. You can find it at the Springfield book store. I hear that Lisa is working behind the counter now. Cool huh? Seriously though. Your daughter must be very gifted. Does she read a lot? When kids read a lot of books they learn faster, and depending on the content of the books, they can expand there IQ to a much higher level. I would be proud of this little lady. I would bet that she has a large vocabulary as well. When My son, now 22 was only 5, he astounded the elementary teacher that lived across the street from us my using words like “actually”. He just graduated from UCSB and is teaching himself now. He has aspirations of opening his own school some day. And with this one, I bet he will. Have a fantastic day. Sorry about the Simpsons thing, I just could not resist.

  27. For the record, Homer did NOT write Oedipus Rex. That was written by Sophocles. Homer only wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey.

  28. they both got their girls taken away from them

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