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How To Sell Used Books On Amazon

how do u sell book on amazon.

go to open an account. Then on your personal account page go to listings & type the upc# of the book in & follow directions (condition, quantity & price) if the book has never been listed by anyone before ( not very likely) you can create a new listin by taking picture & entering details (takes about 5-min) If you become a pro-seller the listing will stay indefinately till book sells or if not pro-seller 30 days & you can re-list.Amazon does not charge listing fees (why we use more than e-bay) only a small percentage when your item sells. unlike e-bay… they handel all the money no paypal or the like. you are garunteed payment immediately.any Qs… be glad to help we sell hundreds of items a month ( books cds & dvds)[email protected]

How to sell a used college textbook on

I’ve bought things through Amazon before, but have never sold anything on amazon before, and I don’t see options to do that in my “account” settings.

Sell it yourself instead of the buy back program, you will get much more. Its very easy.Find the item you wish to sell, in your case the textbook. Make sure it is the exact same edition and then click “Have one to sell?” on the right side of the item description. Fill in all information like the amount you want to get (don’t forget to factor in cost of shipping, Amazon only gives $3.99 for books) and the condition. Mention any and ALL conditions in the notes, like highlighting, tears, marks…just be very honest, you don’t want someone doing an A-Z on you. When everything is done click submit your listing.Don’t try to be the lowest in price but also don’t think you will get more for a used book over a new either. Ship as soon as it sells so make sure you have a box ready. You can ship media mail for a better price, usually it only takes about 5 days cross country but can take longer (up to 21 they say but my max has been 5) Gay romance books free

how do I sell my used books on amazon used seller selection.

Haveyou gone to the site and checked? I believe there is a page which explains it. I think you have to have a contract with them, becuase you will be using their name to sell your books.this might help some:…

How to write and sell a book on Amazon.

So, as I was browsing through a book I had recently bought online, I realized there was poor writing format, and a few typos as well. That’s when I realized it must be possible to sell your own books on the Amazon book store.I understand it’s not something were you just post some silly little stories…

First you have to write a novel that people want to buy… Learning how to do that takes most people about 10 years. Of course, the rise of self-publishing means that a lot of people are trying to get readers to pay them to learn…Amazon has a self-publishing programme called Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). Go to to find out more and sign up. To publish a book, you save it in one of the formats that Amazon supports, then go to your account on KDP and follow the instructions.They pay you monthly by electronic transfer to your bank account or by cheque (check). You have to accumulate a certain amount before they actually pay you – $10 for electronic transfer, $100 for cheque.There’s no minimum age to use KDP, but if you’re not legally an adult yet, a parent or legal guardian has to act as your publisher – meaning they get the money, and you have to trust them to give it to you, or at least not spend it on champagne and caviar.

Does anyone sell used books on amazon.

Does anyone successfully sell used books on amazon? I want to sell my used books on amazon. But I wonder how can I sent my items to buyer. Do I need to go to the post office? Do I sent my items to the buyer or amazon? How it works?!!!!!

I’ve sold books and CD’s on amazon in the past.You go to the post office or a private company like fed ex and send it to the buyer. amazon will give you the correct address.also, a good site to sell books and buy used books is Campus Books. compares prices from many different sites where you can buy/sell/rent books. trustworthy sites like amazon are listed + more.

How is it possible to make money selling used books on Amazon.

i started to sell some used paperbacks on amazon. but i always choose to list around the cheapest price – sometimes as low as $3 each. then i go to the Usps and it’s nearly $5 sometimes for the lowest ground shipping cost. i know amazon puts $3.99 toward shipment, but then they charge 99 cents per sale, plus…

OK, say you buy a book for $1, you sell it for $2, you charge $5 for S&H, but it only costs you $2. You just made $4.Now, do that 10 times a month, you make $40, 100 times a month, you make $400How they do it: find auction sites, wait until the last minute, then buy a good item that you know you can re-sell for a few $$$ more, then, depending on size, charge S&H $5-10. <-- That IS the Profit!

how much money can I make selling used books on amazon.

I plan to sell books on amazon next month and want to know about an average of what I will make every month I would expect about 30-50 a month. Appreciate an answer as I’m very eager to hear from those who are sellers already

Depends on if they are textbooks or regular books. I’m selling books, textbooks, dvds, and games and my average is about $24 a month. I think anywhere between $20 and $30 should be reasonable to start out with. Textbooks bring in a lot of my moneyHere are some tips when it comes to selling books on amazon:

Selling used books on amazon.

If I send the books to Amazon first wil they send me a box so I can send it to them or no?If I decided to ship the books myself will I get sent a box or whatever after I receive payment for shipping?If not where can I buy things I can ship the books in? Do I used to money paid for shipping to ship the products…

If you only have a few books, you keep the books at home with you. You should have about 15 dollars of extra cash available – in hand – before listing anything on Amazon.After signing up as an Amazon Seller, you locate the books on their site and indicate how many you have to sell, what the condition is and what the price is. Be sure that you price about 15% more than what you want to make – Amazon gets a commission.Hopefully, somebody will want your book and place an order.When that happens, you will get a “Seller Notification” email with a link that direct back into your Seller Account, and the order that was submitted. You package up the book in such a way that it can withstand some abuse from automated sorting machines (be sure to protect the corners!). You can buy boxes at Staples or a supply store, and at the Post Office. These are only a few dollars. Amazon does NOT “help you with that”.It will probably be most convenient to ship via the Post Office. I recommend that you get a tracking number and when you do, you enter that back into the customer’s order – that action causes Amazon to send the buyer an email — and credit your Seller account. If everything goes well, Amazon will send the sale proceeds to your bank account in 18-23 days.You CAN print labels from Amazon, and buy postage for the underlying shipment/sale there. They will deduct the shipping cost for the label from the buyer’s payment to you. This is the only time that you get “advanced funds” from the sale.

How to sell books on amazon……

i am in college and i have bunch of books that the school wouldnt buy back and there no use to me so i want to sell them and make do i sell them on Amazon?!do i need a credit card or not??!thanks :)im 20 btw

Oddly enough, I am going to do that this morning.If you go to their opening page and scroll down to the bottom, you will see “Selling on Amazon.”Click this and it will take to to the info page.You need a bank account, but Amazon handles the payment from customers.All this for a fee of course.

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  3. Go to the website, look for their instructions. As a college student, who grew up with the internet, you should have been able to figure that out for yourself.[/DELDUP]Yes, you’re copying someone else’s ancient question for some unknown reason.

  4. Three part answer.

  5. Obviously, first you have to write the novel – if you are really good that might take you a year (get a copy of Stephen King’s factual book “On Writing”, the latter half of which details the processes used by him and people known to him.

  6. Oh, OK….here’s the link. I’m such a MOM.I hope you find your answer <3

  7. M. Hawkes

  8. It all depends on how many books you have sitting in your garage.

  9. it would be better if you use the search box for YA theres a lot of answers related to yours…

  10. b. Edit, edit, edit.

  11. Once you get there, finding out the format is easy – whatever it may be when you are done.

  12. When you publish through CreateSpace your book is automatically made available on Amazon. You’ll also have the option of making it available through online book stores like Barnes & Nobles (for a small fee.) There are a lot of ‘options’ which can cost a lot, but you can overcome these by doing things yourself. I’ve been submitting in PDF format so the cost is minimal. I even create my own covers and submit them in PDF. In order to create that PDF most people use Adobe, but you can get a PDF creator at for next to nothing. The only thing is you can’t make changes to your PDF so it has to be right when you create it.

  13. I have many books in my library, I need to sell most of them. I do I go about selling the books on Amazon?

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  15. did you connect your bank to paypal?

  16. “1 year ago” rather gives it away.

  17. There are some great websites that allow you to trade books, CD’s, DVD’s etc. See my profile for link to titletrader, SwapaDVD and paperbackswap. This allows you to get rid of an item you no longer want and get something you do want in return. Titletrader is awesome because you can trade books, dvd’s, cd’s, games and vhs tapes. So if you get rid of a book you may be able to get a dvd in exchange. Paperbackswap is only for books. SwapaDVD is only for DVDs. All three sites are great!If you have any more questions, feel free to message me.

  18. best to do is contact any post office near you and call them telling them how it works

  19. Wow, “MOM KNOWS EVERYTHING” (I seriously doubt this claim), you’re a prick.

  20. Give it a try paperback swap and swapadvd are sister sites so you can trade pts and get rid of books and end up with dvd’s you might want.

  21. Depends on which books you have, smaller flat, paperbacks will be cheaper to ship, but any book can be deceptive with regards to weight. If you can weigh/calculate postage beforehand then try and do this and work it into your prices. I have sold books, CDs and DVDs in the past which are cheap to post. Maybe try and research other marketplace listings.

  22. As for how you get the money, the easiest way is to have a PayPal account and pull the money from there in some of the various ways they offer.

  23. how to get isbn number

  24. Here’s an example of what can be done for only $25.

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