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How To Know What Books You Like

How do you like books to start off.

How do you like books to start off?? Another wards how do you books pull you in to want you to keep on reading? Like do they start with a question does it start in the middle of a scene where your kind of lost if you know what I mean?

I like a book to start off the way it needs to. Every story is different, and as long as the beginning is effective in capturing my attention then it is a good beginning. And depending on the preference of the author there are many ways you can do that.

Your favorite books on how to write fiction.

I’m looking for more books on how to write fiction. I’d like to know what your favorite books are on how to write fiction and what parts you thought were the most informative for yourself.List the title of the books and the author who write it.Thanks

On Writing by Stephen King shows you how to manage your time, but really the best book to read is How to Write a Damn Good Novel (Parts I & II) by James N Frey because it goes into the route of high drama: the characters. Shows you how to create really engaging characters, so that even the smallest drama seems enormous because of how much the readers care about them, and therefore will love your story.

Free vampire books online

What do you like to read.

What kind of books do you like to read? What do you think every book should have in it and what shouldn’t ever be written in any book?

What do I like to read? I really enjoy books that have some humor, a touch of romance, and a bit of mystery. For me that’s perfect! I enjoy series type books. I don’t know how to answer the second part of your question. But for me I don’t think it’s necessary to add in gory details. That’s just me though. And I won’t read books that have that style. I don’t care for movies like that either. For me, when I read mystery type books I just need to know that someone was killed or found dead. I don’t need the blood and guts details to understand that, yep the dude is dead! LOL…….

Please Help This Is Important I Need To Know The Title Of This Book.

What Was The Title And Author Of The Book With The Red Shirt And Green Star On It If You Don’t Know Do Any Of You Know How To Figure Something Out Like That?

If you have any idea what the book was about you could try putting some keywords into Google Books. It’s not going to let you search what the cover looked like though.

What do you know about Dreams.

Do you know where can find a book on dreams?what book about dream I should get?I want to know about dreams and their meaning.why do we dream?how does this affect the human body?

A simple book you hopefully can get through your library system id Dreampower by Ann Faraday (sp?)Dreams are like poems. As in poems, sometimes the symbols are personal, and no book can give you the right answer You are the best interpreter of your dreams because you know best what the symbols mean to you.

What are the steps to getting a book published.

I already wrote my book, but i just need to know how to get it published!Like what are the does and donts of publishing?Do you include a summary of the book when you send it in?Please, just tell me everything you know about publishing a book! ;D

First,Type your book in proper manuscript form.Edit it many, many times to make it as good as it can be. Put it in a drawer, and don’t even think about it, for a month or two, then take it out and do more editing.Get it proofread by someone who knows what they are doing (do not rely just on spellcheck).There are very few publishers who accept unsolicited manuscripts (those that don’t go through a literary agent), so getting an agent is a really good idea.Visit or, at the bookstore or library, look for Jeff Herman’s Guide to Literary Agents, Writer’s Market 2010 or Bowker’s Literary Marketplace. Look for agents that handle your genre, and are looking for new clients. Read, and follow, their submission guidelines.Those books will have something about writing a query letter, which is what you send to the agent first. It’s part explanation as to why your book deserves to be published, and part synopsis of your book. Take the time to make it a good one, because you have only that one-page letter to get the agent’s attention.Expect the whole process to take lots of time, and expect many rejections. When you are accepted by an agent, they will submit your book to publishers, not you.Except for postage, the entire process of getting an agent is FREE, until a publisher buys your book. That is when the agent gets their cut, usually 15%, of the money that goes to you. Run away from any agent who asks for money upfront.Good luck!

How do you start a book.

i would like to know what you need to know to write a book?

Depends on the book you are planning to write. If it is non fiction, you will need an idea and then be able to research it so that your facts are accurate. Fiction is so much easier. All you need is an idea. Writing is work so the first couple of times you write, it may not come out so great. Remember, starting abook is about the writing. Decide how you like to write. Do you like music or prefer to write in your room. Maybe the kitchen table or outside. The key to writing a book is to just start writing. It will be a long road. I have been working on my manuscript for a little over 6 months and I am only halfway done through the first draft. It will take at least a year to complete a final polished draft unless you are an awesome writer who doesn’t need to edit.So remember, write at least 1000 words a day. Don’t give up, you have to write your book before it becomes a book!

how do you publish a book.

I’m working on a book and i want to know how to publish a book. What do you do? Do you publish it online or to a real publisher like actually send it to them through mail? If any of you are writers can you please help me? Thanks. and if you help I’ll give you 11 points 😀

First, write your story.Edit your book many times to make it the best it can be, type it in proper manuscript form (visit to find out what is needed), consider joining a local writer’s group to get feedback from other would-be writers, and get it proofread by someone who knows what they are doing (don’t rely just on spellcheck). Edit it some more.There are a tiny number of publishers that accept unsolicited manuscripts (those that don’t go through a literary agent), so getting an agent first is a really good idea.At the library or bookstore is Guide to Literary Agents, published by Writer’s Digest, or Bowker’s Literary Marketplace (or visit Look for agents that specialize in your genre, and are looking for new clients. Read, and follow, their submission guidelines. In those books will be something about writing a query letter, which is what you send to the agent, first. It’s part synopsis of your book, and part explanation as to why your book deserves to be published. You have only that one-page letter to wow the agent, so take the time to make it a good one. Expect the whole process to take lots of time, and expect many rejections. When you are accepted by an agent, they will send your book to publishers, not you. The whole process is free, except for postage, until your book is bought by a publisher. That is when the agent gets their cut (usually 15%) of the money which would go to you.If you decide to self-publish, then you will pay (potentially up to a couple of thousand dollars, depending on which publisher you choose). Also, the marketing of your book is up to you.Good luck!

what books do you like to read.

i am writing a book, and i was wondering what kinds of books you like to read to know how i should write.

I’ve written three books (unpublished)I guess it depends… different people like different things.Here’s some themes and stuff to help you get started: (these are also the types of books i like reading)FantasyHorrorSci-fiModern dayWhen it comes to how to start, you can make it actiony, a glimpse of something exiting that happens later in it, and then you can go back in time and explained how everything lead to this point.Or you can start with someone saying something, that would catch peoples attention.A the start, make it sound good so you keep the readers attention, and try to do that through-out.^^soz if this doesn’t help…

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54 thoughts on “How To Know What Books You Like

  1. Fantasy/Sci-Fi- I like things that have never been seen before, but can be described in the book. I love reading about imaginary worlds.I hope this answer helps.

  2. 1. Twilight by Stephenie MeyerWhen I read a book in the third person, I like it when they give a scene in the beginning about the villains, so you get some idea, vague though, about what they are doing that makes you want to find out what it is.

  3. I agree with Angelika ^ above me. Except that I don’t like third-person. I like first person, present-tense. Little to no romance. Thought-provoking, possibly life altering. STRONG female lead.

  4. I love to read:

  5. I like to read Al Quran book with Indonesia Language translation the most of all. It is the religious of Islam book. Like the Christian’s bible its a religious book. Any kind of book need a lot of true knowledge and should not having such a fake information.

  6. 29. Lust33. Wired2. New Moon (sequel to Twilight)Anything by John Irving, T.S. Elliott, anything Buddhist, antique related.

  7. 11. Trust5. Ark Angel

  8. 5.Haunted2. Point Blanc6. Snakehead (coming in 2007) Sam

  9. well there are several…I love all of them. You should try them. You should go to to get more info on the books.

  10. 12. KillerGoogle Books is the way to go. Copy and paste a good portion of a paragraph into

  11. 3.Reunion

  12. Good question!

  13. Here’s a list of book reviews:…32. Terror19. Twins- Some bittersweet moments. No one likes books all about hate and sorrow, or all about happiness and peace. You need a good mix of both.When they drop you right in the middle of someone’s problem.

  14. It doesn’t matter what people like to read. Write because you can’t live without it. Write because you need to breathe. Don’t write for money or fame.

  15. Hope I helped!and

  16. 24. Betrayed;…

  17. By Francince Pascal.13. BadIf you want to publish through traditional publishers, you need an agent to help you get your manuscript reviewed. When accepted, the house will pay you for the publishing rights and then they publish your book. If it is rejected, your agent can move to another publisher and go through the same process.18. Love

  18. bird by bird, dont remember the author and its a book about all types of writing. its really personal and inspirational.

  19. 35. Exposed

  20. – Spice! No one likes reading the same old boring story without any twistsdefinitely not romance

  21. I think every good book needs:- A good plot, to keep you readingI read almost anything else, too!

  22. I like books to start with character development. I don’t like it when it begins in the middle of a certain situation in which I have no idea what is going on. It is okay for them to start in the middle of a scene if they explain fairly soon what is happening. But mostly, I like to be drawn in with character development.

  23. 22. Alone8. Heat Sex- A good beginning and a good ending, to help you start the book, and to make sure the words stay with you after you end it1.Shadowland

  24. Anyway…you should read Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. Including sequel New Moon. I could not stop reading this books! A little romantic and cute story. You should go on to get a good idea of the summary! You will not regret reading these books!I like books with dark humor.. A Series of Unfortunate Events and Fight Club are my favorites. I love books that put a twist on boring clichés.

  25. But I’m a little too demanding.

  26. 34. Fake27. Shockanswer mine please:

  27. 3. Skeleton Key~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~This site is HarperCollins’ new teen-targeted interactive writing platform designed to provide a social network for literate youngsters as well as a place for publishers to rummage around for future talent. Users vote up projects they like to point Editorial Board members in the direction of quality writing. Authors of the site’s top five monthly selections will receive feedback and mentorship opportunities, while the best work will be considered for publication. Such a platform could offer a glimpse into what the future of publishing may look like, when young and old readers alike have access to interactive devices that provide a two-way conduit between author and publisher. Since its soft launch Q4 2009, inkpop has attracted more than 10,000 members and nearly 11,000 submissions, including novels, poems, essays, and short stories.

  28. An option you have is to publish the book yourself if you want full control of its publishing. You don’t need an agent if you do this.4. Twisted31. Normal

  29. 36. Gone

  30. 1. Strormbreaker- Believable characters~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~…

  31. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  32. 6. PaybackStrunk & White

  33. I’m not a big fan of profanity in books, but I don’t mind it too much.26. EscapeNything but fiction and christian/high school drama. and stuff with the view point of a man.

  34. (When you see the titles, you’ll know what they’re about. Just remember the last few words of the first title. People who don’t like the book, forget the last few words.)

  35. Re InkPop, here’s some info:

  36. 25. Lost

  37. 15. Tears6.TwilightRealistic Fiction- I can relate to the characters, and that’s something great to find in a book. In realistic fiction, the situations are not too predictable, depending on the author.

  38. 4.Darkest Hour

  39. I love Harliquin Romance! My husband laughs at me, but oh well, I like “em! I do read other books, but those are my favorite. Not really sure about the other part of your question. I guess they all should have a good story plot to hold the readers attention, and maybe get rid of stupid endings! I don’t like that! With books or movies! You go through the whole thing and get a stupid ending! It drives me nuts.

  40. 23. FearThird person perspective, past tense, imformal (humorous or light-hearted), fantasy or science fiction, little or no romance, Good, strong, captivating story, awesome characters, totally imaginative and original concepts, no cliches, no boring parts, though-provoking, life-changing, possibly a series, lead female character.28. Chase

  41. The Mediator seriesyou go with a real publisher because if you publish on online make be like if you don’t publish it

  42. Alex Rider SeriesI like to read many different things.. i usually read fiction, but if something is interesting enough, i would read a book on.. I’m planning on buying a book about mondo and snuff films.. sounds strange and very interesting.. “Killing for Culture: An Illustrated History of Death Film from Mondo to Snuff”

  43. 10. Liar9. Bloodhmm.. most books I read are pretty lame in the beginning, .. then they slowly get better and better, and drama/sadness/love all comes into play and it just makes you wanna keep reading 😉

  44. i like if it starts with a question or an action scene that really brings me in and gets me going. or sometimes its just listening to the interesting thoughts of the main character because sometimes they’re really funny.It relies upon. all of us can write to a formulation and get revealed. in case you desire to get revealed commonly you will get an develop if the writer see’s it in positive condition. artwork on your manuscript (precisely to the fabulous specs) deliver it to a writer and need for the superb. And bear in mind, ‘form sells’. in case you may think of a particular reader demographic then your one step nearer.

  45. 2.Ninth Key4. Scorpia (my favorite)

  46. I like to read fiction, fantasy, biography, classic, nonfiction, and (some) science fiction. I don’t really have any one thing that has to be in a book. I don’t like books that has cursing or if it isn’t clean.

  47. 5. Kiss17. Flee1. Fearless

  48. 14. Missing3. Run21. BlindDefinitely read them, first chance you get, they are difficult to find in stores so try buying them from, or Also when you finish those look for the new series “Fearless FBI” I just started it and it’s great. (Theres a lot of books in the series but they are kind of short..dont worry) I cant stop reading them!

  49. Well first you have to finish the book. After that I recommend going over it at least ten times before you hand it to a real editor. After that or before that it doesn’t really matter go purchase or get from the library a book on the writers market and one that is close to 2009 as possible. In there it tells you the name of the publisher, their requirements and sometimes how to contact them. If one interests you call them or email them. From there they should probably instruct you. I do NOT recommend publishing online. It doesn’t do much for you so try to get a real publisher.try amazon if you want a dream-book, but i cant recommend any. dreams are our subconcious’s way of reflecting on recent events and excersizing. those who sleep well and dream tend to learn more because their brains are practicing what they learned during the day while they sleep.Quite often dreams are a message/lesson from your sub. that you either haven’t realized or are having a hard time accepting. dreams are personal so no matter how many books you read on them, the meaning of certian things will still vary.

  50. Assuming you spell checked and had someone read it for errors, etc, the first thing you should do is DON’T tell them how old you are. Let them be pleasantly surprised AFTER they sign you to a publishing contract. Trust me, they’ll be the first to exploit that little tidbit in a PR and advertising campaign. Don’t fool yourself into thinking you can use your youth to wrangle a publishing contract. They’re only interested in books that have the potential of being bought. Now you can try to look for a publisher that publishes your kind of books but please note, fiction is a hard sell for an unknown. In fact, it’s nearly impossible. How-to books are the easiest. One route would be to try to find an agent. That can be just as difficult– unless of course your book is really well-written. To get through those doors, your 1-page (and one page only) query must grab them from the opening sentence. Keep it short, sweet and professional. Add any important details re your past successes– but if you are as young as you look, don’t mention anything about school, etc. One place to start is through Harper Collins’ InkPop. It has been set up to find new authors– especially new YOUNG authors. There has never been anything like it before and it may be the tool that uncovers the youngest authors yet. Who knows, you may be one. Finally, never give up. If you throw in the towel after your first rejections, then you aren’t cut out to be a published writer.Check them out. They’ll give you a good idea of what people like to see in books.

  51. Best answer please!!!

  52. For more information and details, you may get this FREE book publishing guide and a publishing consultant will walk you through the process free of charge:7. Rebel16. Naked30. Freak

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