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How To Cover Books

How to Make a Hard Cover Book.

You Know, like the ones you see at the store? I want to make my hard cover the same as twilight’s hard cover. Can someone please give me a lot of links to a lot of websites with book making tips? Also, How do you make the book if the text was written on the computer and you printed it? What format do I print it in?

You can make Bookstore Quality books including hardcover books on bookemon.comYou don’t have to any software installed. Choose a book template in various trimsizes, upload your graphic or photo files, then add content and design the book online. Publish your book in hardcover or softcover once you are satisfied with its content and design, review and approve to finalize it and then you will be able to purchase your book in bookstore quality print.You can also upload a Word document, Powerpoint, or PDF document to make your book.

How to make a good cover for my book.

My book name is Apocalypse: Survival but I can’t figure out how to make my title look professional.

Well, if you’re book name is apocalyps, the the title could be in grey and dank purple colours. A dark background, a shadow-ey figure (the main character) without distinct features.Now what I’m suggesting is based on the title, and assuming the book is a young adult…teenagers are always attracted towards dark, gloomy covers… Free amharic books

How to cover my soft cover book.

I have a thermodynamics book that is not paperback but it is definitely not a hard cover. It is starting to peel on the edges and I need a cheap, quick way to protect it.I do not have access to vinyl or anything like that, all I have is duct tape, masking tape, or something I can get at target. I was thinking…

Apply dat masking tape once..den keep a small triangular piece of some hard paper,or some plastic kind o thing(shirt collar straightner which is kept inside collar layers to keep it aright in a new shirt packing)…And after keeping dat triangular piece of stuff re’tape wid a masking tape…. Its so effective n easy way out … U may also use a carton pack of cookies,chips,or anything like dat cut in a triangular shape to cover da corners 🙂

How to cover a book that has a soft cover.

Well i have a soft cover book its about 500 pgs long and looks like a regular textbook, i have no clue how to cover it. Can someone give me some ideas plz?

It depends if the book is yours and you want to protect it they sell clear contact paper that you can cover the book with it will protect it better than a paper bag but will not come off so don’t use it if the book isn’t yours. The sell it in colors to if you don’t have to see the cover. works great.

How to make a cover for book.

I’m renting a textbook and I don’t want the book to get damage so, I want to now how can I make a cover book..

Cut the bag open along the seams so that it lays flat. Lay the book in the center of the bag and fold the top over the book, making a crease to mark where the book lies. Do the same with the bottom.Remove the book and fold the paper bag along the crease marks you just made. You should now have a piece of paper that is long from left to right and is the same height as the book.Place the book back onto the paper and fold the paper over, matching up the ends. In this step you will be measuring the length of the ends to see if they will need to be trimmed. The long ends of the folded paper should extend beyond the book cover about half the width of the book. For example, if the book measures 10″ from left to right (closed, not open) then the paper should extend 5″ over the edge of the book both on the front and the back. Trim the paper until this is the case.*If your paper is naturally a little shorter than this, it will still work, so don’t worry.Now you need to insert the book into the cover. First open the book, then insert the front cover into the flap of extra paper. Repeat this process with the back cover and center the book. If you wish, mark the cover with a crease, remove the book and fold the two flaps to create a sharp line. This will give you a look that is not quite as loose.Once the book is inserted and you are happy with the fit of the cover, you can tape the flaps so the book does not slip out.

How to Make Book Cover.

i am trying to make a book cover for my novel1. i dont want to use any software to do so2. i want in to be online like a generator type thing3. i want to upload my own photos4. i want to design it myself

I second Jasmine; use Picnik. This is the cover I made for my most recent novel on there:…You don’t need to join, and they’ve got an amazing array of effects and fonts that you can use. Just upload a picture, and edit away.And there are plenty of videos on YouTube to walk you through the tools if you get lost.

how to make a homemade hard cover book.

ok my teacher mrs.jay is asking my classmate’s and I to make islam best friend and I chose the ABC book of islam we both saw an example madee by other pepole in my teachers class {the books where made in 2004} I asked my teacher where did her old student buy the hard cover book and she said…

If I understand correctly, you want to make a book, complete with front and back covers and the pages in between the covers. For the hard covers, find some sturdy cardboard or buy some illustration board from a craft store like Michaels or Hobby Lobby. Cut the board to the size that you want for your front and back cover. Decide what you want to cover the board with in terms of material or paper. You will want to decide ahead of time what color theme you want to carry through your book. Find the fabric or paper to cover the board being used for the covers and lay the board on the wrong side of the fabric or paper and measure about 1.5 inches all around the board and cut your fabric according to these measurements. Fold the paper or fabric around the board and adhere it with glue or a fusible bonding material found in the fabric shops. This will leave a portion of the board still visible on the inside. To cover this portion, cut some coordinating paper to cover this and glue it in place neatly. You will need to measure where you will want to put holes to hold your book together. Use a colored yarn or ribbon to thread through the holes and tie off on the inside. All this will need to be done after you have the pages for the inside completed. Find paper that will coordinate with your cover colors and cut to the size you need. Measure in from the left hand side so that you leave sufficient space for the margin where the holes will be that your ribbon or yarn will go through, Once you have all your pages completed with the work that you plan to put on them, make the holes in them to match up with the holes in the covers. Work your yarn or ribbon through and tie off inside the book in order to keep the outside looking neat. Try to wiggle the knots in a position so that they cannot be seen when you open up the book to read it. You’ve got a lot of work ahead of you, but I think you will enjoy it. You can decorate the covers of the book with artwork of your own and don’t forget to put your name and your friend’s who is the co-author of the book on the cover. You can find a lot of ideas on the internet for making books and check to see if your local library has any books on the subject. Google “altered books” to get information as well. Give yourself enough time to complete this project,it isn’t something that can be done in one evening if you are planning to do a nice job on it. Good luck and I hope Mrs Jay likes your completed piece of art!

Does anyone know how to get a special cover for books.

Well not text book cover but a clear cover that you put on books u read like the ones that books from libraries have. I hope you understand wat im trying to ask. thanx

Demco makes the very product that you’re looking for. Most public libraries order from them; they produce several different versions of the clear, plastic PVC-free book covers that protect the dustjackets on hardcover books. You can buy the book covers in pre-cut sheets or on-a-roll (cut to fit). I’ve used the pre-cut sheets and they’re very easy to use. Here’s a couple of links to the Demco site. You can order from them online or request a mail order catalogue.Demco: link to the book covers at Demco:…Good luck to you! 🙂

Any suggestions on how to cover an old book.

So I got this old German-English dictionary from 1899 (courtesy of my German teacher). The pages are all there, but the book cover is missing. Essentially, it’s just the pages, bound by the seam. And technically it’s in two pieces.I’d like to prolong the life of this book, and know that I need to…

In what condition are the pages? If they are very browned or brittle, it’s best to make a box for the book and line it with acid-free paper. Or wrap the book in several sheets of the acid free paper before you lay it in the box.Check your telephone directory for an archival supply store, or phone a museum (or if your library has a conservation department, phone it. A university library probably has one) and ask if they can recommend an archival supply store or book conservation tips.

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  1. Just use paint. Here’s the cover I made for my novel.

  2. It says make an account but you really don’t have too.It makes really good covers. I’ve made mine there..

  3. My husband covers old books with brown paper. He will take a brown bag and size it to the book and cover it. The Brown paper is heavy and will last for a long time as a cover.

  4. friends will surely read it 😀 Hope this helped you 🙂

  5. Make it look like stylish like Artemis Fowl, Harry Potter. If the book cover looks epic, then your

  6. What you do is open paint, then choose a picture that you want and paste it. What you do then is add a text box, change the font style and type your title.

  7. please help to google and solved that..

  8. Duct Tape from the dollar store with different kind of prints

  9. Try typing in ‘clear book covers’ or ‘transparent book covers’ in the search box of ebay – also try in the ‘books and magazines’ section. I definately remember packs of these covers, in a range of sizes, and at pretty reasonable prices, being listed for sale. Obviously, if you have specific books in mind that you wish to cover, measure them first and allow a little extra for the spine if the book is thick. Good luck

  10. Cut one of your typewritten pages approximately the same size as one of the interior pages and paste it on? ~M~

  11. Thats Tally in her new costmic Sopicals firm

  12. Clear sticky contact paper, can be found with shelf papers, drawer liners, etc., at Target, or at an office supply store, or Home Depot.

  13. Take an old, paper bag you got from the acme or something and just fold over the paper covering. DON’T TAPE IT ON THE BOOK’S COVER. That’s what I did.

  14. Just use

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