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Home Depot How To Books

Mobile homes have that “wallpapered” look board in them, does anyone have any ideas how to texture, or change

them that wont cost an arm and leg?

You can buy sheetrock texturing mud and a trowel at Home Depot. It is relatively inexpensive. You can do a handtroweled wall that is all the rage with custom homes right now. It really looks good if you do a glaze over the paint. There are also how-to books at Home Deppot. Here is an article to get you started….

Home Depot question..(details inside).

Hello,I am a college student about to graduate and I am working on a final project where we have to build a recording studio. I am in charge of costing out the raw materials for the building such as dry wall, studs, wiring, etc (whatever is needed in the building to keep it up). At the beginning of this project I…

Honestly, the people who work at Home Depot are not qualified to do that sort of an estimate. They can price a bill of materials once you have compiled it from your plans, but they don’t do the take-offs for you (because most of them would not know how to do that.)Check your local library and see if they have copies of the Means Construction Cost Data books in their stacks. I am a construction estimator and these are what we use to price labor and materials for project budgets. If they don’t have them, you might want to contact an organization like the ABC (Associated Builders and Contractors) and explain your situation and see if any of them have old copies they would let you borrow or even have. There is a new Data Book published every year with updated prices so they often have old ones that are no longer useful for competitive building, The books contain listings of all materials plus they also have per square foot budget costs for certain types of buildings. There are also books on general techniques of construction estimating that may be helpful to you. Look in the books department of the Home Depot or a large bookstore for these.There is also the ASPE, American Society of Professional Estimators (i was a member when I lived in Michigan). Their website is They are very open to helping students. There are chapters in Detroit and Grand Rapids.You could also do some web searches for “square foot estimate building costs” which might yield some data you could use for a rough budget.I would not sweat this project too much — you can’t really be expected to do this with any accuracy. It takes many years and a LOT of hands on experience to be a construction estimator. We professional estimators earn a lot of money for doing this because it does take a great deal of skill. Free vampire romance books

Anyone remodeling a room. Who here is sick of Home Depot.

I guess I am like many new used-homeowners. A 2 week project turns into a 2 month ordeal. Getting help or advice from Home Depot is impossible, but you have to buy from there, especially if their store is located less than 2 miles away from your house.

I am a contractor who goes to Home Depot or Lowes about twice a day. They are miserabl;e and uninformed people who coukldn’t hack it in the trades. Do not use them for renovation information. Buy a book. Thats how the pro’s do it.

How does Home Depot’s price compare to private contractors for finishing a basement.

high, HIGH, HIGH…You need to get a do it yourself book and sub contract that out yourself. If the home depot does it, they have to build it to code. That is ridiculous for a basement!You need to really think about what you want to do there. You probably don’t need electrical outlets every 8 feet, the toilet to be at least 1 foot from walls etc. But if you are going to have a kitchen, be sure to get dedicated circuits for your appliances.And, a sprinkler system overhead, (it saves on insurance)

How to build a Corner Breakfast Nook.

Please don’t give me ideas, which are great, but I need plans and instructions on how to build it. I’ve viewed the one on But I need a physical plan in my hand with materials and so on. My office is in my dining room and I do child care. I can have my parents come in and sit there to do…

Hit the home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s. Check the magazines and how-to books. They have web pages associated with many of the projects and you can purchase plans and complete material lists through those sites. Check the New Yankee Workshop web site. Norm is very good and the last time I checked he had some of the projects available in plans and material lists. Whether he has a nook, well I just don’t know.Good luck

How difficult to add can lighting.

I would like to put this lighting in my ceiling. I have insulation above in the attic. How do you wire it to the light switch? Is this a job better performed by an electrician? Any advise is helpful!

It is really not that hard to do, but it is very time consuming and difficult to explain over email. What I would do if I were you is go to Lowe’s or Home Depot and buy a “how to” book on electrical work that will explain to you step by step what you need to do.In general you need to spot the cans, pull back the insulation, cut holes in the ceiling and test fit the cans. Go into the crawl space or attic and find if there are any available circuits that you can tap into off of the same light switch that already controls you kitchen lights. If not or if you want them on a seperate ligth switch, you will need to run a new circuit. Go to your breaker panel, take the cover off, put in a new 15 amp breaker, run 14 guage wire from the breaker up to teh crawlspace where the lights will be and then go into the kitchen and cut a hole where you want the light switch to be and get a “old work single-gang construction box”; next drill a hole in the top cap on the studs and pull out enough wire to fish down to where the lightswitch will be and then cut it and tape it to the “running end” off the spool of wire and fish the two stands of wire down to where the hole is cut in the wall and put them into the old work box. Cut the wire back to expose the individula stands and you should find a black stands, white strand and a copper strand. Strip back about 3/8 of an inch on both the white and black strands, take some wire nuts and connect both of the white ends with a wire nut and push them inside the box to the back. Take the black ends and a light switch and the switch will have two brass screws on the left. Place one end of each black strand onto each of the two screws then get a small piece of bare copper wire about 4 inches long and take the two bare copper stands and this 4 inch “pig tail” and use a wire nut to put the three of them together, then use the exposed end of the pig tail and place it on the green ground screw on the bottom of the sswitch. Push your lights into place and go back into the attic and run wire to each of the lights. If you have more than one light, you will need to cut additional strands of wire to each of the lights. On the back of the can there will be a box that contains the wiring for the light, open it up and put the three blacks together and wire nut them off, three whites together and nut them off and the copper grounds together just like you did for the switch. Somewhere in the light fixture there will be a ground screw so you can ground the light fixture. YOu are finished with this individual light, go to the next and repeat.As you can see, there is lots involved, Get the book that explains it!

dose any one no of any books on how to bulid your own tools.

and tools power tools that you would by from home depot im looking for a book on how to bulid them

if you want to build primitive tools i would try old Yankee workshop. He builds his own tools as well. Remember that something like a drill press was very large and bulky often broke and not very efficient how would you make a drill chuck? I’m a machinist and there has been thousands of hours in building and making sure our tools work efficiently and a whole nother aspect many trades still make there own tools like our carbide cutters we make at work and grind to desired shape. So I guess it depends on what kind of tool or tools you trying to make.if your going to try to make a drill press out of wood good luck. If your going to take a electric motor and some pulleys and make a buffer then your building a tool that help you polish something. THE REAL QUESTION IS WHAT KIND OF TOOLS ARE YOU TRYING TO BUILD THEN LOOK FOR A BOOK OR MAYBE ASK SOMEONE ON ANSWERS

How to….

How hard is it to build a deck?

Depends on how big you want your deck and how fancy you want it. Best bet is to go to a Home Depot or Lowes and get a book and see what you want to build and what you will need. I built my own and it took me and my friend a week to built it 35ft long by 16 feet wide with steps on both ends. Good luck and by the way, I enjoy every moment out on my deck !!!!

how to make a basement in the northeast.

I bought a house in New Hampshire. The basement is cement and have a sumpump. I want to finish it, make it a stand up shower, bed rooms and a family room, etc. How do I start?

go to home depot or lowesget one of the ‘how-to’ books on finishing out your basementflip thru the pages and make sure it doesnt overwhelm you with what you read in thereif you survive that part then it is time to make sure your lower level windows will be acceptable for city or county building codes departmentthen you will have to draw up what you are trying to do and submit your plans to the codes office and hope they allow you to continueif they say yes you can do it as plannedthe next step is figure out where you want your shower sink and commodestart cutting up the concrete to make way for your new plumbing systemyou will have to determine if your drains are in the floor or wallif in the floor just hook into themif in the wall you will have to install a sewage pump to raise the waste water to drain levelonce you finish the plumbing and redoing the cement work to make it are enclosed and levelthe rest is a simple matter of building in the walls hanging doors ..trimming everything out and adding your ventilation duct work

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46 thoughts on “Home Depot How To Books

  1. There is a plain white textured wallpaper on the market that is a little thicker than regular wallpaper and will give your room a textured look. You can then leave as is or paint to whatever color you desire. Should be at Lowe’s or Home Depot

  2. HD saved me how much???I just added a room onto my house and I am sick of anything and everything that has anything to do with house projects. I will be this way for the next five years. I promise, cuz budgets are always blown, the project always takes far longer, and burn-out hits early on. It is the nature of the beast; but I don’t blame my vendors, even the big-box ones.

  3. 4) use fat, lumpy type paint roller on roll onto wall. Dry.My Local lumber yard dropped it off for free1) Electric sander & roughen up wall covering.

  4. The problem with most of the workers at Home Depot is they are not really qualified to answer questions. Once in a blue moon, you will get an intelligent answer from a clerk.

  5. Not very hard if you had at least two person with all equipments you need and a plan.

  6. I am!

  7. None of the Big-Box stores are designed for this. They sell off-the-shelf commodities at good prices.Sealing it so that it would be livable year round is

  8. Very and not for the beginner. Should be done by a qualified contractor.

  9. – you probably don’t.HD was $35 drop off fee

  10. I would not even buy carpet tacks from Home Depot. None of the salesmen know what they are selling or what to do with it. You can, however, buy books on what you are doing and that is what I would do.

  11. If you want a “finished wall” type look… you need to remove the batten strips. (thats the trim strips that runs over the seams between the sheets), and apply some drywall joint compound.If that basement has a sump pump,If definitely means either raising the floor or cuttingAll home improvement projects are inherently chaotic and evil.

  12. HD is very high.I have the greatest solution for you. I had the same problem when I was doing a room for a showcase house last Christmas. We had to decorate a room that had ugly wallpaper but we didn’t want to pay to re-paper or paint. What we did was purchased on clearance yards and years of nice fabric on clearance and used a stable gun to attach to the wall! It was great even for small spaces underneath cabinets and windows. If you want to get really creative you can scrunch the fabric in-between the staples to give a “pleated” look. try it!

  13. Same thing in my house if Im thinking right you have have the Panneling inside like mine right ….? If so I just painted over them and they look great. If its really dark your going to have to go over it twice though if your going to do a Light color. Not to expensive either.

  14. First off, make sure the basement has been professionally waterproofed. Any money that you spend on improvements in your basement will not be covered by your insurance in case of water damage. Don’t go over board in costs improving your basement because it doesn’t tremendously increasing the value of your home. If you ask around at your local builders associations, etc. you’ll find out what local contractors are actually working for Home Depot as subs. You can hire them directly and cut out the middle man.

  15. This is a job better handled by an electrian if you have no experience. This can involve a lot of work and mess if not careful. If you have an existing light switch that you want to control the new cans then the install would be easier but not simple. You can buy old work cans that are installed without getting into the attic. They can be purchased at any home improvement store.

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  17. BTW HD gets $1 Billion in Taxpayer $$, your local lumber yard doesn’t

  18. It is handy to buy there, and the price is right. However never seek technical advice from these people. Try a local small hardware store, or do what I do, look it up on, or to find out how to do it right the first time.

  19. Depends. Is the studio stand alone building, or is it going to be built inside of one? Costs are simple. Depends tho if You need labor cost also. As for materials, You would need insulation, then rubbed liner ( there’s plenty of different kinds), sound deadening material ( usually cork sheets work pretty well) and then finish. If You’d give more info on the size and more specifics on the studio, I’d probably could help You out more.

  20. Finally, you can finish off with paint or texture. If you are going to use texture, I’d recommend an “orange peel” or “knock down” type, and use a hopper gun to spray it on.I would approach their customer service desk and ask them. What you are going to need first up is a blue print or at least some drawings with real dimensions so that an estimate could be properly given.

  21. This can all add up to quite a bit of labor — so think it over carefully– you might decide it would be easier to rip the old vinyl covered sheetrock right off the wall, and start with new. (Though, this can add up to some labor too, if you dont have the tools and experience, heheh)(Hopper guns can be rented at most tool rental stores)I would avoid the means suggestion as these books are not accurate for material pricing. Materials fluctuate in cost monthly and sometimes weekly. Most suppliers will only lock in a price for 30 days for small projects like this. As far as labor prices (I don’t see where you mentioned responsibility for this but) Means are o.k. for estimating unknowns but businesses (contractors) price based on known factors such as crew output, sub-contractor bids, and actual cost plus profit to operate. As a business major you should be familiar with these factors.

  22. In short Home Depot will not help you put together an estimate from scratch nor should they. You will have to do most of the calculations yourself. What they will do is provide you with a material quote.

  23. 1

  24. Generally the manufacturers say do NOT try to paint over the vinyl, because it tends not to ‘stick’… however, in my travels, I’ve seen it done quite often, hehehe.

  25. So the first step is to look at the plans and specifications. I’m assuming these have been provided to you. If they have been provided there may be a take off list that you can use, if not you will have to create one (I’m guessing this was the intent of the professor). If there are no plans you will have to do a ballpark estimate based on square footage. You can purchase books on basic estimating that will walk you through the process at most home centers, amazon, BNI, or check them out at the library. There are basically two ways to do this;Have Fun

  26. likely to be quite a big job.IT WILL COST YOU MORE TO BUILD THEM THAN BUY

  27. There is the ball park estimate based on square footage or the itemized estimate which will have a variety of factors and measurements such as SQFT, lineal foot, cubic yard, cubic foot, square yard, cubic ton, and so on. Typically itemized estimates are done using estimating software, which is probably cost prohibitive for you. That said I did them for several years by hand before purchasing said hardware. Most estimating manuals come with basic forms to help you line itemize by the appropriate factor. Copy these forms and fill in the blanks with the appropriate numbers.

  28. 6) paint your color of paint. Dry. Enjoy.

  29. This may mean a sewage ejector pump system.In our home, we just used 2 coats of KILZ, then painted, leaving the strips on. The strips really don’t show after you get rid of the awful looking wallpaper stuff they put in these things. We used an antique white, in a 5-gallon pail from Lowe’s. The KILZ is kinda expensive, but not as expensive as replacing the wallboard. We did have to use a little extra paint, to fill the cracks in-between the strips and the wallboard, as the cracks weren’t big enough to have to use spackle. We also replaced the doors inside with some better looking pre-hung ones from Lowe’s, and have replaced alot of the interior trim with some better looking stuff, also from Lowe’s.

  30. I go to real paint stores, smaller hardware chains like Ace, or mom & pop specialty stores when I have questions or a weird situation. They sell a service as well as a product. It saves a lot of money in the long run.

  31. The presence of the pump means the basement

  32. 3) buy bucket of sand texture & put some in smaller bucket mixed with water to thickness of paint.

  33. Then comes the primer… you need a good heavy type of primer, like Kilz — perhaps even 2 coats, depending on whether the pattern bleeds thru the first or not… allow plenty of dry time.Once you have the material take off created you simply bring this to the contractors desk at home depot and they will generate a material quote for you based on the list. You should probably convert your footage requirement to piece units on your take off where appropriate for items such as studs, and drywall.Putting in a bathroom means drains below floor level.Unless you know something about electricity, you are better off paying someone who knows what they are doing than trying to do it yourself. Call and get about three estimates to get an idea about the cost involved.

  34. 5) put on coat of sheetrock primer paint. Dry.concrete. (Remember your flooding problem?)is prone to flooding. (Common in the North East.)

  35. Whats your ceiling clearance?

  36. 2) vinegar/water rinse ‘dust’ off wall. Dry.

  37. Look for a private sub contractor. Try to find one that a friend used and liked. I did try sub contractors that HD also uses, but they wanted the normal HD price still! I went with a non-HD subcontractor and saved about 60% on a kitchen remodel.

  38. Home Depot is a pain in the neck. You should go to a lumber yard that has other items for the home. They know more about home repair. Also did you know that one of the reasons they can sell tools and other items a little less is because some of them have a slight flaw.Their tiles are poor quality as is there carpets.if you buy a door handle you are getting a poor grade even if it is a big brand name. How do i know all this, I know a store manager who told me not to buy certain things at Home Depot. There paint is very good.

  39. HD was $229.00It depends on what you want. If you’re looking for flooring, I got 520 sq ft of tile from Home Depot for $500. The only had a pallet of it left and had to get rid of it. It was REALLY nice stuff. I find that hardware is cheaper at Lowe’s. And I ONLY get Behr paint at Home Depot. There are a lot of local stores near me that have good prices on other things.

  40. MeI was in market for a 16ft fiberglas ladder, my local lumber yard was $159

  41. Next, scuff the ‘paper’ — a rough grit sandpaper on a sander helps with this… youre not trying to sand the paper off, only cut some ‘grooves’ into it with the sandpaper… this will give the primer something to grip. This is also a good time to sand those joints youve filled smooth too.

  42. Use Textured paintable wallpaper. This works great! and you can get lots of different textures. Then you can paint it any color you want. It will stick and looks like brand new walls when you are done!

  43. I would recommend that you get at least a couple of drywall contractors to come in, and give you an estimate on the tear-out, and replacement. Then, at least, you would have something to compare too.

  44. Home Depot subcontracts the installations out to private contractors also. The only problem with going through a Major company like Home is they sometimes want extra for themselves.

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