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How To Make Minecraft Books


Ok, so i know how to make books in inecraft, three of them one by one up and down. but it wont let me!!!!!!!!!! i know that i am doing it right! i even looked at pictures! all of them one by one up and down! what the hell is going on!?!? how do i fix whatever is keeping me from making a book!? please help!!!!

now they require one piece of leather (i hate it, so expensive). put them in a square like you were making a brick block and put one piece of leather in the bottom right square.If X’s are paper, then the Z is leather:XXXZ

I am making a house in Minecraft. Any suggestions on what I should put in it and maybe how to do them.

I already have a cobblestone generator, reed and cactus farm, bed, workshop, docks (very small), 2nd story plus a 3rd viewing room made of glass, fighting arena, and currently working on a shooting range.Btw anyone know where I could find an apple?Help is much appreciated thank you.

Library! Make books out of reed plants, and surround the books with lumber on the workshop bench. I survived series

Minecraft or book………….

Should I spend my spare time making a minecraft Series, or writing my new Novel?

First of all, are you going for cash or fun?If cash, are you fairly confident your minecraft series will get enough views and subscribers that you will make a decent ammount of money off of it?Or are your certain you can get your book published and make money off of that?If for fun, How much do you like to write in comparison to playing minecraft?Maybe you can do both, trade off writing and playing depending on what you feel like doing, or if you feel you’d get too addicted to minecraft to pay any attention to writing, set times for youself in which you play and which you write.If you do both, you can use your minecraft videos to advertize your book and with people already lined up to buy, you could probably get the book published more easily.If you’re unsure if you’ll be able to finish the book, then I’d suggest doing the minecraft series. If you’re able to post your work as you work, you’ll get feedback and motivation from your audience to help you keep motivated. (and remember, trolls are funny, laugh at how much they try to make fun of you with their lack of intelligence =D )

How can i make a game like minecraft.

I am really interested in making games and would like to make my own open sandbox game like minecraft or a game for a book i wrote how could i do this?

you can start by learning basics of game algorithms and some computer languages which are used for creating games. for example openGL. Even visual C++ is a good language. You can also try your hands on Flash. There are several tutorials available online. Google it. You will find it.

What programs would help me learn how to make mods for Minecraft.

I really want to start making Minecraft mods, but I have no idea how to code and all that jazz. I was wondering, how could I learn? What programs/books would help me learn?

look on the dev section of bukkit

How do you make a book in Minecraft…

alright so i bought minecraft for the PC last night and i know how to make a book but it just wont let me. so here is what is happening. i looked up how to make an enchantment table and its says one of the things you need is a book. so i looked up exactly how to make a book and it says that you get 3 pieces of…

Try this: it’s not working then is the game’s fault.

How do you make a map. (Minecraft PE).

When I made paper it said ‘used to makeBook shelves and maps’ well how do you make a map?Also; is there anything to do with wheat *besides* making the soup with it?MINECRAFT POCKET EDITIONthanks in advance (:

To make paper; get as many sugar canes as you can and craft them into paper.To make the compass; get several iron ingots and redstone; combine.Combine the compass and the paper and you will get a map.To make a bookshelf you need paper and wooden planks.And you can make bread with wheat.

How can I learn how to make minecraft plugins.

I know that you need to know javacript and all, but i have no idea what all those symbols mean, like, “==, +=, else if() public void, BlockListener,” and so on.I don’t know how to read javascript, but i understand how it works, like i know what to fill in between the () sometimes. But i don’t…

Dude. Minecraft is NOT programmed in JavaScript and you don’t need to know ANYTHING about JavaScript to program anything having to do with Minecraft. Minecraft is programmed in Java, which is different in just about every way.Just read lots of books about Java. It’s a really hard language to learn.

can i make minecraft work on netbook.

Is there any way to make minecraft work on a net book, if so how!

You can! Make a notepad file, and paste this exactly: java -Xms650m -jar “C:\Documents and Settings\(YOUR PROFILE NAME GOES HERE)\Application Data\.minecraft\minecraft.jar” Make sure you put the profile name where I said, without the brackets. Enter your user name there, save in notepad as a .bat file. Then use that file to run minecraft! Just make sure you already have the stuff in the .minecraft folder, like the bin folder and what not. Enjoy.

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33 thoughts on “How To Make Minecraft Books

  1. Minecraft Pe Book

  2. Leather Paper

  3. It depends on what version of minecraft your on for current books you need it to look like this:

  4. In the Xbox version, its

  5. LPX

  6. mabye in the next update you could make maps

  7. Paper

  8. [DELDUP()]you should purchase minecraft in case you like squares and zombies and killing stuff yet there is not any blood so it extremely is secure for toddlers. at the instant interior the U. S. it extremely is nicely worth 27$. i’d say its nicely worth paying for in view which you may convey your creativity and characteristic relaxing on the comparable time. Minecraft would not require and club so in case you purchase it you preserve it continuously. I had minecraft for a twelve months and you greater constructive purchase it in the previous the fee will strengthen.

  9. Although I must say the enchanted books are well worth the tradeoff in the new version, so nevermind.

  10. To make a compass you need red stone and iron

  11. XXX

  12. Where P= paper and L= leather.

  13. Paper

  14. Paper

  15. You will need several paper and a compass

  16. You can make bread with wheat. You make books with paper, make a bookshelf with books and wood planks, and you can’t make maps in minecraft PE because you need ink from squids which aren’t in PE.

  17. Paper

  18. Look up Java tutorials.

  19. Make Over 200 Juicy, Mouth-Watering Paleo Recipes You’ve NEVER Seen or Tasted Before?

  20. Yeah I know I’m Johnny come lately here but I just wanna say it SUCKS that you need leather to make books. Now I start a world in creative and make sure there are friggin cows, because if there aren’t, I have to make an epic journey looking for cows, and stay there, slowly breeding them, to get bookcases, to make spells. INCONVENIENT.

  21. Three of what? The recipe is

  22. tricky situation research over google this can help

  23. [/DELDUP]

  24. PPXYou can’t actually make maps yet.

  25. You may find something usefull here .

  26. PaperPXX

  27. Mystery is always the best to me… Build a secret area underground, but place a book shelf on top of it. That way, the only way you can get in is to delete the book shelf and rebuild.

  28. PXX

  29. i be conscious of a thank you to software in Java. yet i don’t be conscious of a thank you to jot down Minecraft mods, and that i think it fairly is a nontrivial problem. in case you learn programming, you learn from the backside up. which potential beginning with stuff like including 2 integers mutually, printing a message to the reveal screen assorted circumstances, and different fairly trouble-free issues like that. you do no longer basically leap immediately in and initiate making Minecraft mods without previous adventure. no one does. besides, in case you choose to get the main out of gaining expertise of programming, then do no longer do it for a unmarried very particular objective. Do it because of the fact even frequently you savour development logical structures that do issues for you immediately. Or, in case you do no longer savour that, then are not getting into programming interior the 1st place.

  30. if your netbook has a dedicated graphics card or graphics controller that mine craft can read then yes it can

  31. Older versions I think its :

  32. Programming.

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