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How To Rent Audio Books

How long would it take to learn japanese (or any other language).

I’ve always wanted to learn Japanese but never had time to do it, or was committed to it. I plan to practice 1 hour a day with rosetta stone…for how long I don’t know. But how long do you think it would take me to be able to keep up a conversation? Not perfect, but at least to keep one going.

If you go to the National Virtual Translation Center –, there is a page listing the language difficulties for English speaking people of different languages. It shows the approximate time it would take an average person to learn the desired language in a classroom setting. (Japanese being 88 weeks or 2200 classroom hours).But the time to learn depends on if you want to just be able to listen to and speak the language, or if you also want to learn how to read and write the language.I’ve heard Rosetta Stone was good, would like to try it myself someday. You may want to try You can rent audio books from them. They have Pimsleur language CDs (and tapes) for many languages. You can rent Pimsleur Japanese Course I, II and III for $15.95/month each. (Note that each Course come in parts A and B, but you still get a lot of lessons for the price. I used the Japanese lesson a few years ago and it was like 17 lessons on 8 CDs just for part A)For some free resources check out: – has some grammar & writing lessons – great forum to learn more about japanese culture and get help with your language questions – lessons & forum – lessonsStick with Rosetta Stone and consider using Pimsleur audio CDs. Those together will really help.

how can i download and read a free audiobook, what site….

i want to read a good up to date book

Authors write books to make a living. It also costs money to rent a sound studio and hire an actor to read the book. It doesn’t make sense for an author to pay these expenses and give the book away for free.I suggest you check to see if your public library bought the audio book and you could then listen to it. Or use Itunes. Free urban books to read online

What do you know about audio books.

how can i download glass menagerie by tennesse williams audio book free.

I would buy it if i could actually find the audio book to buy plus i got the book already but i need the audio book for a presentation if someone has the audio book send it to me [email protected] or give me a good website where i can download the audio book freeplease i could really use your answer

I don’t believe you can download The Glass Menagerie for free – legally – in any format.You can actually join an audio book rental program and rent The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams at… which actually works like Netflix does with DVDs. The information about this rental site is at…You can buy the audio CD from Amazon at… for $18.72.I hope that helps.

What are te best books that teach you how to become a billionaire.

I am interested in books that teach people how to earn a fortune. How to think like a fortunaire, billionaire, trillionaire, googlionaire. Books, Names or books, audio material, video etc.Thank you!!!

I am going to tell you a proven method for getting rich, and you can have this information free for nothing. I’m pretty sure you can’t do it. Your youth will stop you. I’ll explain that at the end of my essay.First you need a job, but not just any job. It has to be in a field that has been stable for a very long time, such as gardening, janitor, laundry, like that. Something basic. If you want to start your own business, that’s ok. You really want a job that you can walk to, or your customers come to you, so that cuts out most of the construction jobs and big company stuff. That way you don’t have to spend a lot of money keeping your wheels running, because you don’t need to own wheels. You rent a cheap pad or stay in your mother’s basement or something. Since you live so cheaply, you are able to save most of your income. You spend your evenings at the local library studying economics and investments. As you learn more from your studies you can move into investments, always choosing the highest quality and safest offerings.That’s it. That is the entire method. Does it work? Assume you are making $10 an hour, $20,000 a year. If you save half your income for fifty years, you will have half a million dollars in savings, not counting interest, dividends, or paper profits. A half million bux of principle. That sounds close enough to being rich for me. Other people have done it, but it’s so unusual that they get their names in the news when they retire. There was a story in 2001 about a lady in Alabama who retired, gave $160,000 to a college for a scholarship fund, bought a house, and settled down to enjoy her remaining days in comfort. She started at age 15, washing and ironing sheets by hand. That’s all she did for fifty years. I heard of a fellow who immigrated to the USA in the late twenties. He never held any job other than soda jerk in a drug store. (A soda jerk made milk shakes and ice cream treats.) He never owned a car, never married, and he lived the whole time in a flat above the drug store where he worked. He spent most of his off time at the library and only bought the highest quality stocks, one share at a time at the start. When he died in the fifties he left an estate valued at $200,000 which would be about four million in today’s dollars. One of the better known examples was a fellow named Andrew Carnegie. He worked five years, saving his wages for an investment. Then he put it all into a steel business. Maybe you’ve heard the name. His hobby was building libraries and concert halls.You might be starting to understand why I said you probably can’t do this. The loudest message a young person gets from this is, “NO FUN!” A young person wants to boogie, and that’s expensive. That is the biggest reason so few people ever get rich by their own efforts.It’s your decision. Good luck.

Why is it lawful for libraries and commercial rental stores (books/audio/video) to rent content.

The only libraries I have been to are those which are operated by taxpayers — public libraries, libraries operated by Universities, etc. You can borrow books, audio cds/dvds and even software for free.I’ve also noticed other shops online that offer (for a fee) to rent you cds/videos/books etc. I can…

Libraries do it A) For education purposes and B) Pay a special licensing fee that allows them to lend it out.Netflix does pay the Studios money to lend out the movies, as does any LEGIT service. You can’t go open a video rental place and rent your DVDs legally. I mean you may pull it off for awhile, but if Hollywood found out you would get in trouble.

Is there any way to listen to Audio Books on my IPOD that I rent from the library. or another free source.

the key word here is free….if you can just tell me how, 10 points quickly!thanks!

Yeah, well go to and go to the i tunes store and look up audio books. I used to do it but it’s just a big waste of space.

how come harry potter audio books are so expensive.

ok how come the entire Harry Potter series1-7(HardCover) is only 115$ and the entire audio books set is like 245$ on sell.because i want both but the audio is sooo expensive.whats and alternative to buying the audio???(besides reading them without it)

I think Wesley is right except the high price forces many of us who would buy if not much more than print book. And pricing them so only libraries and truck stops that rent audio books can afford them is likely to decrease sales. Also supply and demand when the books are not longer popular the price will go down.Good news is that most public libraries have the books on CD sometimes with both narrators.You can listen to a book until you can get to the libraryit looks like the audio file are not sold on eMusic books nor Audable.comAt this point you can likely find the dead tree books used for a good price too.Wait I just checked Amazon and For audio CD with that sound quality and length the prices are not bad.You might be able to find the CD books used too at least some of them.

Audio Book Recommendations.

Looking to get in better shape so I’m finally going to use that tredmill in the basement. I’m new to audio books, but I’m sure the great minds of Y!A participants know how to help me out.I’m low on budget, just to put that out. My needs include a book that is long enough to keep me…

May I suggest that you can check out audio books at most libraries and that you can rent audio books at some video stores. This might help your stretched budget.When I listen to audio I tend to listen to stuff that I normally don’t like to read, because often times I like it on audio.I listened to Eragon on audio and loved it by Paolini. It’s pretty long and involved and I also listened to Eldest.I also listened to the entire Series of Unfortunate Events on Audio. The narrator was Tim Curry and he was great.

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43 thoughts on “How To Rent Audio Books

  1. Truly, there is absolutely no assessment….simply because watching TV depends on the gunky imagination of a Television entertainer who’s main concerns are budget, popularity and ratings also to Hell with theme integrity, or, for that matter, anything truly creative.

  2. you don’t read an audio book. I saw some website where you could download and listen to one for free but any after that you have to buy. Go to the library and borrow one. You can record it onto your computer if it’s a casette and just rip it if it is a cd.

  3. Try this site they have audio books newspapers and other stuff.

  4. then if u want mystery, u can opt for sidney sheldon and jeffery archer…..its a rage nowadays wid the teens…

  5. Im sorry, I just can’t help you there…

  6. Do you understand WHY it is called an AUDIOBOOK?

  7. may sound stupid, but find some dual language anime, or films by Kurosawa. Listen in Japanese and read the subs. A lot of people crack on me for that approach, but it works for me.

  8. While watching t.v. can be good fun, it is not doing anything to your brain.

  9. I’ve seen it dozens of times, in too many different locales to mention. It’s a GREAT play…as long as directors get the heck out of it’s way. It’s very cleverly — and very tightly — constructed, and, like Arthur Miller’s “Deat of a Salesman,” it packs an enormous emotional wallop if it’s just produced simply and faithfully.

  10. i watch television rarely. you just don’t get the same quality. after all, try making walden into a television set show

  11. Harry Potter Audio

  12. Well, I’ve been studying Japanese language and culture for about three years…and I am still a very basic learner. It is a beautiful, poetic, expressive language…and it is also a byatch to learn. LOLeven da vinchi code is cool

  13. *****It is what it is. They are under copyright so stealing is out of the question. Perhaps you can ask for them for a holiday gift, save up some money, or check them out of the library.

  14. Watching tv is simpler but I enjoy reading catalogs more

  15. The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde is a very relaxing one, I enjoyed the two the written and audio e book. I additionally listened to Washington: A existence by Ron Chernow which i assumed grow to be quite interesting. Or for something that’s merely relaxing, I incredibly cherished Howl’s shifting fort by Diana Wynne Jones.

  16. torrents that illegal. enter into licensing agreements.LibriVox provides free audiobooks from the public domain. There are several options for listening. The first step is to get the mp3 or ogg files into your own computer:

  17. EDIT FOR ASDF: Hey, I like that guy…that is how I am learning it.

  18. It probably costs more to produce them than the books. An alternative would be to get them from the library, or buy them used on ebay or amazon.

  19. Here’s a great site….

  20. A good alternative commercial program is Rocket Japanese. NIce people, fun lessons, comprehensive, and cheap $169. You can even download it. Also, they have people that answer your questions on line. I have Pimsleur, Rosetta Stone, and Rocket…as well as traditional textbooks and Kanji/Kana/Hiragana books. A good starter book is called “Remembering the Kanji.” Don’t just learn the Romanji…it cripples your development as a Japanese speaker.

  21. it would take about a life time

  22. Listen

  23. I was exactly like you, I really wanted to learn Japanese by myself. There’s nothing wrong with learning from books and software but If you really want to get fluent you should find yourself a tutor who is a native Japanese speaker. This will help you so much! If you really want to learn the Language and don’t get frustrated when you make mistakes, you will be able to faster than you may think!

  24. How do you read an audio book?

  25. This guy became fluent (Japanese people thought he was Japanese when they talked to him on the phone, he could read advanced texts in Japanese, he could have a serious discussion in Japanese, etc) in 18 months: http://www.alljapaneseallthetime.comGood luck! Bonne chance!

  26. It depends on how much work you put into it. I would suggest watching Japanese tv shows and movies (online if you have to). Immerse yourself in the language as much as you can. That helps!alternative way is go for the friend or any other who have already bought the audio so you can take from them

  27. But, there are quite a few foreign kids in my daughter’s school, and the kids pick up English in what seems like months. Of course, they are immersed in it. Many kids here learn French, and after a few hours a week for 12 years, not all of them are really fluent at all!The Canadian Forces Language School teaches various languages to military and government people. The length of course depended a lot on the language. Russian took a year (full time study). Spanish about 8 months, and Chinese about two years. French is up to a year. I am not sure about the others, but it does vary.EDIT FOR JAMES P: Great answer!!!

  28. look on trademe or ebay for some second hand ones.

  29. Because audio IS expensive. You have to hire voice actors, rent studio time, spend a LONG time editing and re-reading, and then put in on a media format that costs more money. Plus, you STILL have to pay all the same royalties to the author and publishing house that you do for the books, so it is all the same costs as a book, plus more.

  30. The Glass Menagerie Audiobook

  31. I agree with the suggestion for as much immersion as possible because that’s basically what the method he used is, except he used other things like learning sentences (which he got from the immersion).

  32. I work in publishing and quality audiobooks cost a lot of money to produce. Plus, you sell less of them, so you have to make a larger profit margin per item sold. Let’s say I need to make a million dollars (1,000,000) and I know that 50,000 people are going to buy the book. All I have to charge is $20 per book to reach a million dollars. Now I need to do the same thing for audio books, but only 20,000 people are going to buy that format. I have to charge $50 to reach the same target number.

  33. Not difficult.

  34. since you like cornelia funke, why not go for inkheart, inkspell or thief lord…..i’v read all and beleve me, they are awsum……u can also try 5 pont someone and one night at the call centre…..u’ll love them….specially the former

  35. all the sites i know are illegal downloading sites. nothing comes for free… sorry.

  36. while reading a book, you’re stimulating the human brain. You improve your reading and literacy skills and you along the way, become more literate. Despite having today’s modern technology, you should be in a position to read still.

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