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How To Delete Books From Icloud

iCloud back up question ..

So , as many of you would know that iOS 5.1.1 jailbreak just released yesterday , I jailbroke my new iPad wifi 32gb . Before the jail breaking , since many days I was playing nova 3 which I obviously bought from the AppStore and I was on chapter 5 or 6 ( fire and ice ) , but as I was jail breaking , I totally...

Here are the backups… luck!

16GB or 64GB iPhone 6s.

I want to buy an iPhone 6s, should I get the 16GB or 64GB version. I barely take pictures, but when I do I back them up to either iCloud or Google Photos and delete the pictures from my device, I only use Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Spotify and Google+ as apps and I don’t download music or books….

That should be enough for 16 GB, but you’d be shocked how fast 16 GB can just be eaten up.I would meet in the middle and get 32 GB, but if you do exactly as you say here, 16 GB should work fine.Just know that iPhones don’t have expandable storage, so if you get the 16 GB model and you run out of storage, you’re out of luck. Vampire books free

How do I monitor or add parental settings to a mac book laptop..

I would like to make sure my kids are not using the internet for bad things, I have restrictions from certain sites on their phones and Ipad, but I would also like to know how to add these restrictions on their mac laptops, how to turn off the private browsing, and/or at the very least be able to see what they were…

At the website, select “SUPPORT” (another word that means “Ask a question”). Then type “parental controls”. For example, for the latest version of OS X, read this–>…That explains how to set up the controls. As for snooping on them during their use of the computer, that is not anything supported by Apple. You can, however, view logs afterwards that indicate how the browser was used.If you find they are clearing their browser history, that’s almost certainly because they are not following your advice. You cannot normally prevent their clearing history. Some complicated commands in the Terminal (command line utility) can prevent deleting Safari history, but it is a bit risky to use Terminal with no backup of valuable stuff. Also, kids are smart enough to use a different brand browser, and then they can clear history.Some websites, such as, have 99% benign material and one percent indecent material, so unless you plan to make them hate you by blocking youtube, no way you can completely shield them from filth.By the way, Yahoo Answers gets plenty of questions from kids asking how to bypass parental controls and how to remove website restrictions. I don’t offer any help for those questions, but plenty of folks do.

How do I sync my ipod.

I recently downloaded the latest update with iCloud. All the apps on my iPod were deleted, as we’re my music, photos, books, etc. I’ve tried to sync it but it’s not working. Isn’t iCloud meant to automatically update everything? Why isn’t it and why isn’t the sync button working? How do I…

Did you back up first to your computer? Also, in your iPod touch (I am guessing) go to it in iTunes, scroll down to where it says “Back Up to iCloud” then do all future backups from your iCloud account. Or just restore from backup, which has all your apps in the correct places, including music, video, etc. etc. Right click on your little iconn in the window pane of iTunes, where it says iPod, and pick the option for “Restore from backup”. It’ll restore from your latest backup.Hope that helps

Can I return Paid iPhone Game Apps from my Laptop back to my iPhone.

In order to save GB Storage from my iPhone, I moved some of my games that took a lot of memory and put it on my Laptop Hard drive for safe keeping. Now that I have a little bit more room now, I would like to play those games again. Problem is I don’t know how to return them. Just to be clear, yes I paid for…

Everything you purchase with iTunes is stored in iCloud. You can remove apps from your iDevice and iTunes, but they will always be in iCloud and you can never get rid of them. To access apps you’ve purchased, including videos, music, movies, podcasts, etc., go to the iTunes store. To the right under “Quick Links” choose “Purchased.” At the top there should be 5 main categories: music, movies, tv shows, apps, and books. Go under “Apps” and find the app you want to download. Download it by clicking on the picture with a cloud and a downward pointing arrow. This downloads it back onto your computer and iTunes. You then need to sync your iDevice with your computer.Or theres a second method that doesn’t require your computer. On your iPhone, go in the App store. At the bottom, choose “Updates.” At the top, you should see an arrow and the words “purchased” Click on it. At the top choose “Not on this iPhone” and choose the game you want to download and download it by clicking the cloud with the downward arrow. This puts it on the iPhone, and the next time you sync your iPhone with iTunes, it should automatically put it in iTunes again as long as you allow it to. (It will ask you when you sync)Hope that helped, good luck!

How can i switch iCloud accounts on itunes.

My sister went off to college and she didn’t delete the icould account of the ipad. She wont give me the password, fearing i might to something stupid with it but i need the password so i can sync a book from the ipad to another device for a book report that is due next week. Is there anyway i can switch…

You can always log out of an iCloud account, but to sign on you NEED a password.

How do you restore your contacts if iCloud has deleted them.

My sister was connected to iCloud and so was I but when I found out we had each others numbers I told her to delete mine and when she did they were deleted from my phone and iTunes as well. What do I do to restore them?Thanks Sonke;)

You and her would have to set up your own accounts. I’m not sure you can get the “lost numbers back” other than re adding them one by one back to your address book. I had a similar issue back when me and the person I was dating were using the same account linked to MobileMe..any changes I’d make would show up on there phone and vice versa.

ICloud deleted contacts after I updated. How to get them back.

I had the old iPhone software and finally updated to the latest in which I got iCloud. After syncing, it put the address book and contacts from my computer on to my iPhone replacing the contacts that were on my iPhone before. Is there a way to get my old contacts that were on my iPhone before?

If you have a hard backup on the computer, then yes, you could go back to before you used iCloud and lost contacts. Most people, however, do not bother to ever do a backup or even think of it until after something has gone wrong or gone missing.**So think, have you ever plugged your iPhone into the computer, opened up iTunes, and then manually went through the backup process? A process that can easily take 10-15 minutes? If not, then sorry.** If so, then you can restore your iPhone from said backup and you’d be set from before you turned iCloud on, but you would still have the newest version of iOS software.

Can I download backup from iCloud to my iPad 2.

So, our school switched from text books to iPads this year and I have a problem. I updated my iPad and backed up most of my files onto iCloud. After backing them up, it deleted all of my Pages(it’s like Microsoft word) documents and kept it in the iCloud storage.Thing is, it shows up as backed up, but…

From Apple’s web site”Documents in the Cloud. And on your Mac or PC.iCloud makes it easy to move Pages, Keynote, and Numbers documents between your computer and your iOS devices. Just sign in to in any modern web browser, and all your iWork for iOS documents will be there — complete with your most recent edits. Click a document to download it in iWork ’09, Microsoft Office, or PDF format. You can also drag and drop any iWork ’09 or Microsoft Office document from your computer into one of the iWork apps on, and it automatically appears on all your iOS devices, ready for you to review, edit, or present.”

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  1. okay i hope this works cause i didn’t get the question very much but i want to help you okay go to SETTINGS then go to ICLOUD ON THE LEFT SIDE THEN CLICK IT ON THE BOTTOM PRESS STORAGE AND BACKUP OR JUST TRY TO HOOK IT UP IN A LAPTOP

  2. it helps monitor kids’ internet usage without their notice.

  3. get some trusted mac parental control apps like perfect keyloger for mac:

  4. …get an Android and you don’t need to worry about this type of problem

  5. I agree with Ana 16 not enough in a non expandable phone but 32 has been more that adequate.

  6. WWW.monitoring-softwares.COM64GB.

  7. Yeah shir 16GB vould do good for games also.

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