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How Many Books Did Stephen King Wrote

Stephen King books.

any stephen king books? i havent read his other work but iwant to and i am fourteen what would u suggest for first time stephen king books

I have read almost every King book, and I can definitely recommend the perfect books for you to start with. First off, I would not recommend the Stand or the Shining to someone who is just starting. They are longer books and if you don’t know King’s style, you might get discouraged. The rest depends on what you want to read about. Do you want horror? or do you just want to start with something mild. Here are my recommendations.Carrie – a universally good starting place. It has some horror, but it is short, allows you to see King’s style, and has decent characterization.Misery – in my opinion, his all around best book. I think this has the best characterization and is a rather short work (for King remember). It also has elements from every genre.The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon – not one of my favorites. I just couldnt get into it, but many people love this one. It is also very short and has a pretty interesting plot. It really gets into the human psyche.I would stay away from the Bachman books for now if you are just starting. They are done in a different style, so they wont give you a great feel of King (even though he wrote them). They are much grittier and brutal (which actually make them a bit more appealing to me).Other than these, and a few others, I might try some short stories. Maybe pick up Different Seasons (only four stories averaging about 150 pages per story), the Green Mile was a great one and since it was written in six parts, you can read each part as its own book and it wont feel so long, or maybe Everything’s Eventual.Once you get his feel, definitely try Hearts in Atlantis. It isn’t horror, but it is an incredible novel. It is my non-horror favorite. Might I also recommend Needful Things. It is a bit longer, but I think it is so well thought out and really interesting trying to figure out how everything is going to play out. Eventually, you should read the Dark Tower series, The Stand, and It. All of those are really good, but in most cases, you will get bored unless you understand King’s style and know when to expect the interesting stuff to happen. The more you read King, the more you understand why some of his stuff is scary. At first you may feel, “That wasn’t as scary as it was made out to be!” but every once and a while you will encounter something really shocking and horrific. Plus, a lot of the situations are actually rationally thought out by the characters and you may have thought the same thing, so when something goes wrong it feels like you made a horrible mistake along with the character. He gets the reader so involved in his books. Anyway, I’m rambling. remember to start a bit shorter, them work your way up. Have fun reading!EDIT—Cycle of the Werewolf was good, but it wasnt a traditional Stephen King book. It was VERY short and was comprised of mostly pictures. Very interesting though.

How many of Stephen King’s books have been made into movies.

How many movies or made for TV movies did Stephen King write?

Quite a fewCarrieSalam’s LotThe ShiningThe StandThe Dead zoneFire StarterCujoChristinePet SemataryItMiseryNeedful ThingsDelores ClayborneThe Green MileHearts in AtlantisDreamcatcherRunning ManThe RegulatorsSome of his short stories have also been made into films too, some under a different name to the titles of the stories. Preschool books free

Which Stephen King book do you suggest I read.

I love the stories and how Stephen King wrote his books, although I have never actually read one. I have skimmed through a couple at the book store and loved what I saw! so i want to start reading his books, but there are SO many! Which book do you suggest I start off with?

The Stand is his best IMO. But to start try some of his novella collections – Different Seasons, Four Past Midnight or Full Dark No Stars.My top 5 after the Stand and Different SeasonNeedful ThingsThe ShinningThe Talisman co authored with Peter StraubRose MadderThe Tommyknockers

How many of Stephen King’s books have been made into movies.

How many movies or made for TV movies did Stephen King write?

There are literally dozens and dozens of movies based on Stephen Kings novels, short stories and novellas. If you include sequels and TV movies, the list goes well over 50, (and that doesn’t include many limited release films.)

How many of the dark tower books from stephen king did he re write.

I was given the first 4 books from Stephen King’s Dark Tower for my birthday. It seems however that I have the re worked version from stephen king (he says this in his foreword). I need to know if he re did the entire series or just the first 4 books. I am at the end of the 4th book and I can’t find…

Pretty sure that he only re-wrote portions of the first four books. I’d have to go back and look, but he was on hiatus from writing The Dark Tower series when he was hit by a minivan and almost lost his life. That was the impetus that got him back into working on Roland’s tale. If I remember correctly, he went back and re-wrote portions of the first four books after he wrote the fifth book and had a working outline for the sixth and seventh (he wanted everything to match up and he knew there were some glaring discrepancies). Bear in mind that he only changed stuff around — he didn’t completely re-write the first four books.

How does Stephen King write so many good stories.

How could he be so creative? So many of his books have been made into major motion pictures and TV movies, its crazy! Does he just sit down and start writing? Where does he get his inspiration?

Dear Jocelyn,You are asking us here to determine the reasons why an accomplished and so creative writer creates such great stories. Well, Stephen King used to write short stories when he was a young boy (her grandmother used to pay him every time he would finish a story), so I can almost answer one part of your question: He had already started to improve his writing skills and creativity since that particular period of his life. These old writings had an impact on his own personality, and they created a strong belief inside him, that provided him with another strong ambition to become a writer.Also, as Stephen King has claimed, inspiration is everywhere, it is something you find in front of you every minute of your life.Especially if you are a writer, he says, you see things differently.And, if you are good enough, you will recognize that inspirations are just reflections of new worlds, worlds that are waiting for you to develop them and show them to the real world.Stephen King had faced a lot of difficulties while writing. He stared writing his very first novel, ”The Dark Tower” at the age of 18 or 19, but he did not wish to get it published just yet. His very first published novel was ”Carrie”, if I am not mistaken.That masterpiece had gotten neglected by amajority of publishers, who denied to admit how gifted he really was that time.Stephen King is a great writer. He is gifted, because he was meant to become an author.Somethings are just lucky, some other things need talent in order to be succeeded.

how many books has stephen king written in all.

i’m doing a report on him, and i really need to know how many he’s done. it would help me so much if someone could tell me, cause i’m not getting any answers online.

157 stories, BUT, this includes all of his short stories and also includes an 2nd reprints of earlier stories. However, for novels, Stephen King has written 47 novels and this includes serial novels like those from the The Green Mile set. If you include illustrated novels, then it’s a total of 48 novels.These number don’t include what is going to be published after August 2006.Here’s the 34 NOVELS only, right up to the new one for 2008…but novels are just a fraction of his books.NovelsCarrie (1974)Salem’s Lot (1975)The Shining (1977)The Stand (1978)The Dead Zone (1979)Firestarter (1980)The Mist (1981)Cujo (1981)Pet Sematary (1982)Christine (1983)Cycle of the Werewolf (1984)The Eyes of the Dragon (1986)It (1986)Misery (1987)The Tommyknockers (1987)The Dark Half (1989)The Stand, the Complete and Uncut Edition (1990)Needful Things (1991)Dolores Claiborne (1992)Gerald’s Game (1992)The Shawshank Redemption: The Shooting Script (1994) (with Frank Darabont)Insomnia (1994)Rose Madder (1995)The Green Mile (1996)Desperation (1996)Bag of Bones (1998)Storm of the Century (1999)The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon (1999)Dreamcatcher (2001)From a Buick 8 (2002)The Colorado Kid (2005)Cell (2006)Lisey’s Story (2006)Duma Key (2008)Source(s):This is a good lst of his books, but it is not complete…

How many books did Stephen King write while under the influence.

I am writing an essay for gym class and it has to be about famous people and their drug addictions, so I chose Stephen King. I have to get this done ASAP, but I am terrible at writing papers! It has to be two pages long. I need the answer to the question above, but any other info you can give me on this topic would…

This article should have all the answers you need.…

how many books does stephen king have.

how many books does he have and where can i download them for free

1. 14082. All That You Love Will Be Carried Away3. Apt Pupil4. Autopsy Room Four5. Bag of Bones6. The Ballad of the Flexible Bullet7. Battleground8. Beachworld9. Big Wheels: A Tale of the Laundry Game (Milkman #2)10. Black House11. Blaze (Written as Richard Bachman)12. The Body13. The Boogeyman14. The Breathing Method15. Brooklyn August16. Cain Rose Up17. Carrie18. Cell19. Chattery Teeth20. Children of the Corn21. Christine22. The Colorado Kid23. Creepshow I24. Crouch End25. Cujo26. Cycle of the Werewolf27. Danse Macabre28. The Dark Half29. The Dark Tower I: The Gunslinger30. The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three31. The Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands32. The Dark Tower IV: Wizard & Glass33. The Dark Tower V: Wolves of The Calla34. The Dark Tower VI: Song of Susannah35. The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower36. The Dead Zone37. The Death of Jack Hamilton38. Dedication39. Desperation40. Different Seasons41. The Doctor’s Case42. Dolan’s Cadillac43. Dolan’s Cadillac44. Dolores Claiborne45. Dreamcatcher46. The End of the Whole Mess47. Everything’s Eventual48. Everything’s Eventual49. The Eyes of the Dragon50. The Fifth Quarter51. Firestarter52. For Owen53. Four Past Midnight54. From a Buick 855. Gerald’s Game56. The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon57. The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon58. Gramma59. Graveyard Shift60. Gray Matter61. The Green Mile 1: The Two Dead Girls62. The Green Mile 2: The Mouse on the Mile63. The Green Mile 3: Coffey’s Hands64. The Green Mile 4: The Bad Death of Edward Delacroix65. The Green Mile 5: Night Journey66. The Green Mile 6: Coffey on the Mile67. The Green Mile68. Head Down69. Hearts in Atlantis70. Here There Be Tygers71. Home Delivery72. The House on Maple Street73. I Am the Doorway74. I Know What You Need75. In The Deathroom76. Insomnia77. It78. It Grows on You79. The Jaunt80. Jerusalem’s Lot81. L.T.’s Theory of Pets82. The Langoliers83. The Last Rung on the Ladder84. The Lawnmower Man85. The Ledge86. The Library Policeman87. Lisey’s Story88. Little Sisters of Eluria89. The Long Walk90. Luckey Quarter91. Lunch at the Gotham Cafe92. The Man in the Black Suit93. The Man Who Loved Flowers94. The Man Who Would Not Shake Hands95. The Mangler96. Memory97. Misery98. The Mist99. The Monkey100. Morning Deliveries (Milkman #1)101. The Moving Finger102. Mrs. Todd’s Shortcut103. My Pretty Pony104. My Pretty Pony (limited edition)105. My Pretty Pony106. Needful Things107. The Night Flier108. Night Shift109. Night Surf110. Nightmares & Dreamscapes111. Nona112. On Writing113. One for the Road114. Paranoid: A Chant115. Pet Sematary116. The Plant117. Popsy118. Quitters, Inc.119. The Raft120. Rage121. Rainy Season122. The Reach123. The Reaper’s Image124. The Regulators125. Riding the Bullet126. Riding the Bullet127. Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption128. Road Virus Heads North, The129. Roadwork130. Rose Madder131. The Running Man132. Salem’s Lot133. Secret Window, Secret Garden134. Secret Windows135. The Shining136. Six Stories137. Skeleton Crew138. Sneakers139. Sometimes They Come Back140. Sorry, Right Number141. The Stand142. The Stand, The Complete and Uncut Edition143. Storm of the Century144. Strawberry Spring145. Suffer the Little Children146. The Sun Dog147. Survivor Type148. The Talisman149. The Ten O’Clock People150. That Feeling, You Can Only Say What It Is in French151. Thinner152. Tommyknockers153. Trucks154. Umney’s Last Case155. Uncle Otto’s Truck156. The Wedding Gig157. The Woman in the Room158. Word Processor of the Gods159. You Know They’ve Got a Hell of a Band

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43 thoughts on “How Many Books Did Stephen King Wrote

  1. Try The Gunslinger Series….Seven Books….All Good.There are 7 books in all. Check out Amazon; they are all on sale.Really.

  2. Stephen King used to teach and in his spare time he wrote. He started out as a failure…well, if you trust publishers for knowing “failure” when they see it. His first four books were just out and out rejected. His fifth book was FINALLY accepted on a limited run by a publisher willing to be laughed at by his coworkers. They thought he was nuts for accepting that book, but, he did. And he went boldly. He published a whopping 3000 books the first run. (Serious gamble.)ChristineMy favorite has got to be either “Misery”, it’s so sick and repulsive, but beautiful and brilliant at the same time, or “The Green Mile”, that’s very human, complex and haunting. Whatever you start with, you won’t be disappointed.

  3. That’s an approximate quote.You can count stuff here too (Wiki’s King Bibliography) but realize many works, such as those he wrote under the name Bachman are put in one category…

  4. Stephen king has written about 47 novels.

  5. “Christine” is a good read.(much better than the movie). “Pet Semetary” is also good. There’s countless short stories. His list of novels seem endless, cause he keeps on writing. The Dark Tower series is great, but you have to really like and understand King to enjoy those. Just pick one, and go for it. I hope you have a good time reading his books. Just don’t base your choices on the movies, because as I noted before, most of the movies do not do justice to the books. Have fun.

  6. Oh And Pick Up The Bachman Books….Bunch Of His Short Stories When He Wrote Under The Psedonym Of Richard Bachman.

  7. The Shawshank Redemption

  8. Autopsy Room FourThe MistHe said once he gets a lot of ideas from dreams hes had. He wakes up and writes what they were about and runs with them. He also will switch projects if he feels the story isn’t going the direction he would like it.

  9. Try it.

  10. He re-did the first two because a) he wrote them originally when he was so young and b) developments in future novels made some changes to the first two necessary.

  11. Honestly, any of them. I haven’t read all of his books, but I have yet to read one I didn’t like. I would start with a relatively short one, like “Misery” or “Carrie” just so you don’t get burnt out and quit. The first I read was Misery, and since then I was hooked. Other good ones are “Desperation”, “Needful Things”, “The Regulators”, “The Stand”, and of course the Dark Tower series.

  12. He’s pure genius. You’d have to ask the man himself!

  13. As he says here (and in “On Writing”) “…read and write at least four to six hours a day. If you can’t do that, you won’t be a good writer…”

  14. Sheer talent and dedication

  15. The Body

  16. The Green MileI’m reading the Green Mile right now, and it’s pretty good. Although I watched the movie first :/

  17. One that a lot of people have suggested to me for my first Stephen King book was The Eyes of the Dragon.

  18. Stephen King

  19.…Looked at novels, novellas, nonfiction, short story collections, Bachman novels and limited editions and I got a rough count of 169, and of course he’s still writing.

  20. The Tommyknockers…..Scared The Crap Outta Me.Happy reading!!!

  21. ItThe Stand is really good.

  22. I really liked Desperation.

  23. He works at it, and has done so for decades. Nobody just sits down and writes brilliantly.

  24. i began out examining King at 14 too. He began writing books purely as i began out examining them! fortunate me. 1st one I examine replaced into Carrie, then Salem’s Lot, then The Shining, then The Stand…. anyhow The Stand is the perfect!! however the Talisman, Eyes of the Dragon, distinctive Seasons, night Shift..all stable. The protaganists interior the Talisman and Eyes of the Dragon are 12 year old boys so as that’s very cool. savor and advance right into a relentless Reader (that’s what Stephen King calls his followers)

  25. He wrote every word of the series over the course of like 35 years. (He started when he was 19.)

  26. You may be much better at a current count than I am right now.The only ones I like are The Stand, Carrie and The Shining.

  27. And for (s)he who asked, “Why read a book when there is DRAMA…movies?” Read The Dead Zone and you’ll understnad. (You’ll even like it, even if you hate reading books.)

  28. I have to read now.

  29. Ride The Bullet

  30. Clover: He easily wrote way extra desirable than purely one series. “nighttime Shift,” “distinctive Seasons,” “Skeleton group,” “The Bachman Books,” “4 previous lifeless night,” “Nightmares and Dreamscapes,” “Six thoughts,” “Hearts in Atlantis,” “each thing’s Eventual: 14 darkish thoughts,” “purely after sunset,” and “complete darkish, No Stars.” i do no longer understand which one you need to be questioning of, yet reliable success!

  31. You might find his “On Writing” book interesting.

  32. The ShiningNot counting sequels there are 35 movies and 18 TV movies or miniseries based on King short stories or books.

  33. Read Misery, Cujo, The stand, and also, watch the movie, it is awesome!!!

  34. Under just “Novels,” I got around 62.

  35. The last three are The Wolves of Calla, Song of Susanna and The Dark Tower.

  36. The Stand……Timeless Classic!!!

  37. The link is safe.I would think something like 25 or so books.

  38. (One thing I’ve always wondered – did those other four rejects get published? And, if so, which books are they?)I started (many years ago) with Firestarter. My personal favorite is The Stand. Also good (but may contain language your parents might not want to to see/hear) : Misery, the Dark Half, Eyes of the Dragon, The Talisman (and it’s sequel, the name of which I can’t remember).Through “Library” – “Work from A to Z”… I did this…

  39. I’d start with the Dark Tower series. Some of his best work in my opinion.

  40. Read ‘Misery’. It’s incredible.

  41. His coworkers stopped laughing when Hollywood decided to make it as a low-budget movie. “Carrie.” His first published book. If you’re going to read Stephen King, good to go with his first published book.Pet Cemetary

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